Moderate scrum (scrum training should letter essay)

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Moderate scrum

Since that day scrum training, Shiwen Lin teachers for us to introduce the way to effective project management of the road, we began preparing to implement the technology department scrum, now in full swing among major project team have started. Do not you see the office after another scrum whiteboard territory occupied, the more stickers the more dense the paper notes, is suddenly, such as spring night, a thousand million board memo board to open ah!

Said spring, scrum will carry out our project is to bring many benefits. It is an iterative process model as one of the primary advantages of agile, customer needs can quickly be achieved, early communication, avoiding the wrong of the final product and demand the consequences; scrum to follow the demand management "the principle of Plato", emphasizing the needs of prioritization, it is usually a good product to promote simple products, in general, only 20% of the features the software is frequently used, while other features may not often use complex, or almost without, scrum will have priority in each iteration to achieve the 20% of the features, then the end of the project, if not all the planned features, but also to ensure a significant, high priority delivery of function point This greatly reduces the probability of the project ended in failure; Furthermore, scrum open information sharing, transparency, members of the actual completion of each task in the daily 15-minute stand-up meeting to present the task of people committed to the tasks made barriers to timely completion of tasks, project risk can be exposed early and get treatment.

There is no doubt, scrum team to enhance our overall combat effectiveness, the project operation specification, management rules, everything looks are so beautiful. However, in practical work with the scrum, but certain requirements of traditional project management model that we have access, many times we had to yield to the objective environment, authentic scrum often can not be truly implemented, there are already people inside Some questioned the voice. But in fact, scrum can not be used as a system, a process model as a frame of mind to go into implementation, the teacher said as Shiwen Lin, scrum should be a thought. Therefore, do not have to rigidly adhere to the implementation of certain provisions of scrum, can be combined with traditional project management model gives an appropriate solution, the implementation of appropriate scrum.

In accordance with the implementation details of scrum team is self-organization, the relationship between the team members are equal, the development team project manager does not exist such a leader, this is the current status of China's software industry Aiba large diameter. Traditional software development projects, the project manager is the most important role, but it may be a technical backbone, basically any team capable of performing one's job duties is to call existing resources to address the project encountered in the process of carrying out all problems. Of course, non-technical project manager was able to solve the problem there, but relatively rare. For a long time, the project manager on the team set a brilliant image, project manager of the team is equivalent to a group of soldiers of General. Is it because the implementation of the scrum to put his dismissal of it? No, perhaps in the scrum team a change in his title, called the scrum master, a brave shepherd, however, he was a great team with the influence of human existence. On the other hand, scrum team members to promote equality between, but conducive to staff motivation to play, the original general orders to wait for the soldiers began to think about operational principles of the initiative.

On the measure, scrum iteration of a sprint with a strict time case, if the original plan two weeks with two weeks to complete things and one day, then the sprint is a failure. The question is, how should we look at the sprint defeat this thing? We need to be denied because it is the hard work we do, or to plan when to be conservative overestimate the amount of work? Function within two weeks over a high capacity on behalf of, or on behalf of the efficiency under it? Each function point software products need much time to complete, how long the project can be completed without any development experience who is holding a calculator to count out of it? Of course, we have to make plans, work according to plan, but plans changed as fast, the time line becomes too harsh, strict, due to lack of experience does not fully estimate the risk of actual completion of a variety of reasons inconsistent with the scheme of things is common, sprint Failure does not mean that the project fails, the plan itself is not important, continuing to plan is the most important.

named after rugby scrum is the scrum group's intention to carry out each stage of the project are basically full participation, the task has been to maximize concurrency, which requires a member of R & D team is the best full-time, team members can claim any a task. This ideal situation is often difficult to achieve, as the saying goes, "Wen said there has, industry specializing in surgery," all-rounder is still relatively rare type engineers, project managers may be more versatile, but the DBA, the work of artists and architects After a short period of time is not competent to teach, but we can towards this goal to develop for the company to develop the best programmers.

Speaking in front of a scrum advantage of iterative development, it is functionally complete vertical development, and each iteration has a feature point can be delivered to early communication with the demand side, reducing the demand risk, the traditional sub-horizontal development of effective layer-type slow, you need to project to the late delivery of products. But easy to overlook the vertical development of the project staff rotation task, usually a feature point from the bottom to the outer layer is a person in the development and maintenance, if the movement occurred during the late transfer of work would be more trouble. In addition, the cut-style vertical development also needs to be based on the overall architecture and planning, so the project may deliver pre-developed function points would be less, overall planning, infrastructure and basic services to the underlying structures is essential.

These are just a scrum on the implementation of some of my shallow view, if not the correct place, please beg the indulgence!

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