Missing project nature class for org.eclipse.jdt.core.javanature

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Missing project nature class for org.eclipse.jdt.core.javanature

Open NWDS when loading project, reported Missing project nature class for org.eclipse.jdt.core.javanature this error, restart NWDS and restart the computer are useless, the problem is not jdk version and nwds version does not correspond to the problem, reconstruction of a workspace, re-import the original project.

a nwds copy shortcut

Target: D: \ SAP \ IDE \ IDE70 \ eclipse \ SapIde.exe-vm "C: \ j2sdk1.4.2_14 \ jre \ bin \ javaw.exe"-data "D: \ workspace-***"


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    Open NWDS when loading project, reported Missing project nature class for org.eclipse.jdt.core.javanature this error, restart NWDS and restart the computer are useless, the problem is not jdk version and nwds version does not correspond to the proble

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    .project 文件内容 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <projectDescription> <name>TestProject</name> <comment></comment> <projects> </projects> <buildSpec> <buildCommand> <na

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    (今天从ftp上down了个demo项目搞了半天,才出现登录界面,快哭了,而后找到这篇文章.主要是注意.mymetadata文件中的context-root属性,要不你也会哭的.) 正文: 有时候在一个Java工程里我们需要加入第三方jar包,这时你加入的最好相对路径, 而不是绝对路径.否则你的工程拿到别处就不行运行了.意思就是说你最好把相关的jar放到工程目录下. 对于Web工程来说相对简单,web工程是有个lib目录的.直接复制到这里就行了. 而非web工程是不可以的.Eclispe是不能自

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