Microsoft's new browser gratifying growth of Internet users in China "old-fashioned" IE6

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Unconsciously, the Chinese competition in the market as IE6 this "history" browser stubborn fortress. December 6, at Microsoft for the IE9 become "the fastest growing market share of IE browser" open-end celebration on the fifth day, its an internal report, as of now, China still has 45.2% of Internet users in Use the old version of IE6 browser, the Chinese market than in other regions this ratio five times higher.

Microsoft has set a target "to their browser market share of IE6 zero" and thus make its latest version of the browser market space. However, the performance of the Chinese market dragged Microsoft's "legs."

Just think about how to persuade Microsoft to abandon older browser users in China, rapid upgrade to the latest product, the same camp, children in several other chiefs of the siege of the Microsoft browser also quietly.

IE6 is not bad in China

According to foreign media reports, Microsoft to promote the IE6 users to upgrade to IE8, has taken great pains, and even set up a special corresponding Manager.

U.S. Internet traffic monitoring agency in November NetApplications statistics data, IE6 than in other parts of China use the ratio has dropped to 7.6 percent - this is Microsoft expected.

In September, Microsoft released the latest IE9Beta, Simon Leung, chairman and CEO of Microsoft Greater China, on December 1 at Microsoft's annual technology event, said the browser market share within one month increased by 2.5 times, since the release date has reached 13 million downloads, became the fastest-growing market share of IE browser.

In the fierce competition in the browser, Microsoft is keen to IE users as soon as possible out of older products, keeping their pace of innovation, the word "higher, faster, stronger," the new IE. Microsoft even launched the advertising campaign, the IE6 than as "landscapes nine milk" propaganda IE8 good security, but these moves for Chinese users, it seems not obvious.

NetApplications statistics in the Chinese market was still using IE6 to maintain a high ratio of 45.2%. Because China is the world's largest Internet users in countries, about 420 million Internet users (240 million U.S.) in China under the effect of factors, IE6 is still in the global market share as high as 14.6%, ahead of Google's Chrome and Apple's Safari .

Microsoft IE director of product marketing RogerCapriotti said, "Unless the Chinese users do not have IE6, IE6 or out of the market is unlikely." RogerCapriotti that "in China, IE is still a great market." Allegedly, Microsoft is now one of the goals is "to own the browser market share of IE6 zero."

Data show that China's Internet users use Microsoft WindowsXP system ratio of 81.8%, far higher than the global average of 57.9%, the same, Windows7 below average proportion of 19.7%, only 10.3%. IE6 browser into China in 2001, to adopt the way of selling bundled WindowsXP system. WindowsXP system as the default browser, IE6's market penetration jumped once, between 2002 and 2003, IE6's market share reached 90%. Users wishing to use IE7 or IE8 and other new browsers, you must manually upgrade, or use WindowsUpdate.

"IE6 and WindowsXP eternal inseparable in China." Industry analysts said. While Microsoft may think that, IE6 users in China because of widespread computer with the computer operating system's high piracy rate, the system update rate is low and other factors closely related, also because a lot of computers do not use Windows updates. Microsoft officials said they would take further measures "to persuade" users to abandon IE6, but in what manner to persuade users to update Microsoft's browser, Microsoft's side and did not give the exact response.

However, this has not discouraged RogerCapriotti, he stressed that since August last year, IE6 usage in China has been reduced by 5 percentage points, as he thinks Microsoft will be made in this war, "the final victory."

Browser market disputes

Although China is still the user's IE6, but some market share, after all, rests in the hands of Microsoft, Microsoft need not end sleepless nights. Instead, they more vexing is that competitors seize the browser market operations are in full swing.

December 8, Google released in San Francisco on ChromeOS operating system updates. Allegedly, Chrome the operating system is being developed not only superior in speed, will Google's search technology into the real Chrome browser, the user can not access search. Google product management vice president Sang Dapi mining (SundarPichai) said, Chrome browser we hold GoogleI / O when the General Assembly already has 70 million active users, and today, its 120 million active users.

"If bundled with the Google Chrome browser ChromeOS operating systems are available, will further increase the threat of Microsoft", the industry agreed. Sit tight in the global browser market in the throne five years, once beyond the 80% market share of Microsoft's IE browser, and its monopoly position is becoming precarious. In addition, as Mozilla's Firefox, Apple Safari has been launched in 2008, and later those who rely on the many new features and support for web standards high degree of encroaching IE's share.

According to the latest data NetApplications, has a "monster," said the Google Chrome browser market share in November, jumped to 9.27%, 0.77% of the share of which comes from the decline in Microsoft's IE browser, but Microsoft's IE market share fell from 59.18% to 58.41%. Firefox fell slightly from 22.83% to 22.81%, Safari's share increased from 5.36% to 5.57%.

Google engineering and R & D senior vice president of AlanEustace at the recent meeting of the Innovation Forum on "IT Times," stressed that "the search is only part of our business, Google has a lot of innovative content in the future market." Clearly, Google has began to devote more attention to the occupation of users' desktops. " And here has always been Microsoft's traditional markets.

From a competitor's product constantly eroding the IE has become entrenched. And after the release of IE7 from Microsoft's urgent need for a new version of IE to help you weather the storm. In the past six months, IE6 usage share rapid decline in global enterprises, Microsoft pointed out that this reflects the business users have moved to recognize the need for a modern browser.

IE9 has released a number of platforms as well as a Beta preview version of the open beta. It is understood that, if nothing else, then, IE9 will be released in the first half of 2011.

Microsoft has high hopes for IE9, and advocates of IE9. Although efforts could not stop IE9 IE decline in global market share, but IE9Beta version release date from December 1 to 13 million downloads, and market share within one month increase of 2.5 times the performance for still in test in a browser, the very proud.

IE6 in China is immortal, is that the fetters of its new Microsoft products to promote, however, some analysts have pointed out that Microsoft is not able to push the responsibility of all users in China.

"Microsoft in the browser market, lagging technology and user experience of loss, should also lead to Microsoft's reflection," a critique of sources, China keen to IE6 users the most fundamental reason is that "less memory, small size, easy to use, while IE7, IE8 user experience is not very satisfactory. " IE7 failed to Microsoft in the browser market share continues to decline. Said that in February 2007, IE browser, and nearly 80% of the market, 24 months after the IE browser market share fell to 67.6%.

Analysts of the correspondents that the reason why Internet users in China has been reluctant to replace the latest version of Microsoft browser and Microsoft's strong and overbearing, not without relevance. IE browser compatibility flawed. As IE9 does not support WindowsXP operating system, if the user wishes to upgrade higher version of IE browser must be replaced Windows7 or Vista operating system. "Microsoft makes software upgrades have to upgrade hardware, but the average Chinese Internet users are not so urgently needed investment in mine." So the view was that "no doubt Microsoft's move to Firefox, Google Chrome and other competitors, leaving more open space for the corresponding . "

"Microsoft's top priority is to create a better backward compatible browser product, rather than rushing to allow users to abandon IE6." The idea that.

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