Memcached Java client 2.6.2 released

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Memcached Java Client 2.6.1 release introduced a new performance-based branch, has the following major improvements:

  1. Than the old version, the 300 percent performance improvement;
  2. Compatibility with older versions, the user need to modify their source code;
  3. Support multiple memcached protocol, including text, udp and binary protocol;
  4. Support for SASL authentication mechanisms;
  5. Re-implement the connection pool, fix the number of connections before the OutOfMemory exceptions caused by too much;
  6. Joined the slf4j logger support, allowing developers to easily log;
  7. Support for custom object serialization method.

The branch contribution from the Schooner Information Technology, the team completed the development of China by the Schooner, you can contact the author via the following email: jowett.lee @

Version 2.6.2

Added SASL support, and modified some code upgrade coverage directly on the line!

Download the latest code:

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