memcached first collection

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  • memcached first collection 2011-06-27

  • memcached complete analysis of (turn) 2010-03-12

    memcached complete analysis of -1. memcached based Copyright Notice: You can willfully, but reproduced the original author must be identified charlee, the original link and this statement Day: 2008/7/2 A

  • centos mysql and memcached integration under 2010-04-14

    A successful installation of the software list mysql-5.1.43-linux-x86_64-icc-glibc23.tar.gz libvent-1.4.7-stable.tar.gz memcached-1.2.6.tar.gz libmemcached-0.26.tar.gz memcached_functions_mysql_1.0.tar.gz Second, the installation steps Login to root

  • Tokyocabinet / Tokyotyrant large document collection (TURN) 2010-05-27

    1. Foreword 2. Reference Link 3. Use Introduction 3.1. Basic concepts 3.2. Tokyo Cabinet Introduction 3.3. Performance Introduction 3.4. Tokyotyrant and comparative advantages of Memcached 3.4.1. Failover 3.4.2. Log file small 3.4.3. Outstanding perf

  • JVM garbage collection summary (8): Reflection and Reference 2010-08-26

    The Paradox of garbage collection The so-called "winner Xiao He Xiao He lost." Java's garbage collection have brought many benefits for the development is made easier. However, in some high-performance, high concurrency situation, garbage collec

  • Memcached memory allocation mechanism introduced 2010-09-13

    Slab Allocation Mechanism: order memory for reuse By default, memcached recently introduced a mechanism called the Slab Allocator distribution, management of memory. Prior to the advent of the mechanism, memory allocation is simply through all the re

  • The Queue / Stack deposit into Memcached 2010-09-20

    Achieve Queue / Stack deposited Memcached is simple, is to more than Item (Memcached basic storage unit, that is, Key / Value pairs) linked together, and to this list a name (name) to represent the Queue / Stack ( hereinafter referred to as a collect

  • Rapid deployment of a unified database to memcached 2010-12-01

    memcached is a good framework for distributed key-value cache. Use, easy integration. But how to optimize database queries, the use of specific Internet-related resources are very small. Here I give the experience of their own way to explore and shar

  • Collection and General Collection [transfer] 2011-04-17

    Gong Yongsheng ( [email protected] ), Abstract: This paper describes the Jakarta project commons-collection, its current version is 2.1. This paper sets the framework for the collation and j2sdk sample can greatly speed up the example of programmers

  • Memcached Study Notes - Part VI-Memcached caching model 2011-07-10

    Caching mechanism: Slab Allocation By default, memcached uses a mechanism called the Slab Allocator allocation, memory management. Slab Allocator The basic principle is in accordance with a predetermined size, the allocated memory block is divided in

  • ibatis add memcached cache on the basis of 2011-07-14

    On the basis of changes in the ibatis source code, add support for memcached, IBatis xml file by configuring memcached fine-grained, then the cache can be realized using simple cache effect. First, initialize the object under MemcachedManager spring,

  • memcached (windows) installation and configuration 2011-07-29

    Keywords: memcached (windows) installation and configuration 1 download windows version of Memcached: (2) after extracting the directory on the hard disk, such as: D: \ memcached. And then Run, type cmd into the co

  • ubuntu install memcached 2011-08-10

    memcache presentation and functionality not say .. Directly into the installation steps 1. Check their sources, there is no memcache sudo apt-cache search memcache (2) If so, then it has to go Je te dis merde .. sudo apt-get install memcache This wil

  • Translation of the memcached protocol test 2010-12-22

    Description: memcached hereinafter referred to as mm This time around contact mm, would like to see it fine not find the Chinese version of the protocol, and was thus trying to translate to and share with you! My English is not enough, we hope the ex

  • memcached installation and configuration 2011-09-05

    Keywords: memcached (windows) installation and configuration 1 download windows version of Memcached: 2, after extracting a directory on the hard disk, such as: D: \ memcached. And then type cmd into the run comman

  • [原创]memcached 中的命令行参数解析 2013-04-02

    本文主要是以 memcached 源码为例,讲解如何在 linux 下解析命令行参数. 安装 memcached 后,查看其可用选项: [[email protected] ~]# memcached -h memcached 1.4.14 -p <num> TCP port number to listen on (default: 11211) -U <num> UDP port number to listen on (default: 11211, 0 is off) -s <fi

  • memcached与spring提供的cache接口整合 2015-01-16

    spring 从3.x就提供了cache接口,spring默认实现的缓存是ehcache,spring的cache接口: public interface Cache { String getName(); Object getNativeCache(); ValueWrapper get(Object key); <T> T get(Object key, Class<T> type); void put(Object key, Object value); void evict

  • Great collection of java interview topics 2009-02-27

    1, object-oriented features of what has 1. Abstract: Abstract is that it has overlooked a subject has nothing to do with the current goal of those aspects in order to more fully with the current objectives of the attention-related aspects. Abstract d

  • nginx 502 Bad Gateway error collection problem 2009-03-19

    Since, nginx and lighttpd documentation rarely true, not to mention the Chinese documents, and so the collection of some of the mistakes on the 502 here, to retain the source address, source address of the proposed look of the content. 502 are FastCG

  • hibernate mapping inverse and cascade Collection Detailed 2009-03-30

    # Assume that there is a relationship between the table ADDRESS_SCHOOL, has two fields ADDRESS_ID, SCHOOL_ID, # The two fields corresponding to ADDRESS and the key two tables SCHOOL (11) insert the SQL statement is: insert into ADDRESS_SCHOOL (ADDRES