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There are two internationally popular open source map tile cache server: geowebcache and tilecache.
geowebcache based on J2EE architecture, with a complete Web graphical management interface, support for concurrent multi-process cutting diagram, you can always see the progress and remaining time cutting plans, with geoserver is very appropriate.
titlecache prepared using python, CGI mode, very small, 2.11 version only surprising 68K! (This is much like MapServer).
titlecache using SHELL or DOS command line program to run cutting plans, real-time progress information output cut plans.
Select titlecache mapserver cache server as a map section, included in the ms4w_3.0beta10 tilecache plug-in, the beta version of a problem,
We manually added the official version ms4w_2.3.1 tilecache server, follow these steps:

1, the official website from the tilecache installation package tilecache-2.11.tar.gz, the installation package applies to all operating systems, we use Windows XP.
2, extract the installation package, which will be tilecache-2.11 overall directory copy ms4w the apps directory.
3, into the ms4w the http.d directory, create a new text file named httpd_tilecache.conf, as follows:
Alias / tilecache / "/ ms4w/apps/tilecache-2.11 /"
<Directory "/ms4w/apps/tilecache-2.11/">
AllowOverride None
Options ExecCGI
Order allow, deny
Allow from all
</ Directory>
addHandler cgi-script. cgi. py
4, into the ms4w/apps/tilecache-2.11 directory, open the tilecache.cgi file, modify the first line of the python compiler path, for example,
#! E: \ Python25 \ python.exe
5, open the directory tilecache.cfg file, modify the cache tab, specify the local disk cache directory, for example,
type = Disk
base = F: / tmp / tilecache
Add a road label, specify the type of map services, service address, mapfile file path, layer name, raster format, the spatial reference system code, such as
type = WMS
url = &
layers = road
extension = png
srs = EPSG: 4326
6, restart Apache
7, open the index.html file under tilecache, according to practical situation openlayers.js path, for example,
<script src="/openlayers/OpenLayers.js"> </ script>
Modify the layer parameters, such as
layer = new OpenLayers.Layer.WMS ("road", "tilecache.cgi?", {layers: 'road', format: 'image / png'});

Use the browser to access, Web pages will display the map after tilecache treatment, the client viewed the map file is saved in tilecache.cfg slice the file specified temporary directory, here is the F: / tmp / tilecache directory, if the client is in the request contains a map, these maps will no longer be dynamically generated by MapServer, but directly from the cache directory to read a static image file. For large volume of users, high concurrent access maps, tile caching mechanism can be very effective to improve the client to read, showing the speed of the map.

Through the implementation of script, you can manually generate the map section, the following command issued to the road layer map 0-6 slice files.
python "F: \ ms4w \ apps \ tilecache-2.11 \" road 0 6
Wait is finished, enter the cache directory can be found in documents just released the map section.

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