Magpies and the cherry tree

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Magpies and the cherry tree
The Lake was a Layer of ice of varying thickness, shallow Buy watches exposed Waterlines, flickering, Dark place Heiyou was not reflective, this is a Big Circular Lake. A Big Circle around the Lake surrounded by ugg woods, it is cherry Blossom trees, cherry trees with Curved arms The Shore them the unique posture, seems to want to embrace what. looked from a Distance, feeling the Lake is a large empty ugg Outlet Lonely, winter, very transparent and clear. A magpie's that fly over and gently Landed on the lake's rock, it's feather Mao was not rich, but ignorant of the cold, you can imagine the bird's body temperature is very low, but substantial enough, compared to those frozen fish under the ice much better, because the fish are motionless in the cheap jerseys following into a hibernation. Birds skimming the Figure, from the Lake Ice Bear its force, did not rippled, it is too light of these ice. Before the arrival of Spring, this piece will maintain its Solid Lake. Magpies finally flew to a rock on the Lake, which looked at the Gray Sky, Eyes Searching for what, a Moment, magpies see this large cherry trees, in turn fly off toward the woods, and Digital Building ugg Boots Sale on Zhaoleyichu can stop down to see the local scenery.
"Why do you always want to hug it?" Magpie words emerge from his mouth. Cherry Tree, shaking a bit in the ugg Australia Cold, the birds seem to understand the magpie. After a long while, magpies flew from one side then the other side, like a play maze-like walk. "We are cheap watches like this, Born like this. "Suddenly, it is next to a cherry Tree to hear speak. Tree trunk and a few cherry Tree branches Slender ugg sales branches separately , as revealing a pair of Big Eyes and smiling lips. "But this is winter, you can hugged it?" Magpie busy back Head asked. Cherry trees can answer it IF it is satisfied, because Rado watches only Smart Bird to talk, it seems a Smart cherry trees can talk ah. "Co. see, this large Lake, look How Chills, ah, Nothing in the above, no Plants and Reed rhizome, not carved Phyllostachys the twain Travel, can uk ugg ice the following you can not see many animals, they still stubbornly alive, waiting for the sun according to the thick ice of. "Here the trees had some pride, the wisdom it for their own Proud.
Covered with Dark Christian Dior bags Red grapes of the vintage, they ALL Zhuyuanyurun's next to, one day, a Bunch of grapes are picked and before, directly off the ground. "Aigo, I have cooked up! This Fall, Breaking the pain My ass. "It kicks, while looked kind of the vintage still high hanging partners, but also said:" I wait Prada bag for you in the ground, ah, today Zhengou luck! "
Shelves of grapes looked at it, said: "When we Mature, went into a Basket. By Jimmy choo purses that time, you left it? Who told you ahead of time to Mature it! Ha ha. "This Bunch of grapes After LISTENING helplessly ridiculed Phrase, then looked down at the ground to come to Often Footprints. A small squirrel, a Group of ants, there are countless other Fuzzy Footprints, is through the Vineyards of the Versace bag guests left. "If no one to Pick me , I'll rot in the ground become, with the mud flow away. "Thought of it regretted the grape The. At this time, a child ran up, he picked up the grapes on the ground." Lovely grape ah, how off the ground? "River Chanel bag took the Bunch of grapes next to the window, and HUNG in a Basket next to a small folded. Small flowers are very light, is the Wind, see ugg Outlet See it hanging in the next, and he said: "grape, you know what happens after you rack the grapes?"
"Do not know ah. They should be picked, but it will not and I together." This Bunch of grapes and Honestly Sale ugg answered. "Yes, they are the Committee made alcohol Sweet wine, Cellar Storage place for many years, and you can see the evening comes the Cang Flies and mosquitoes come to you. "After LISTENING to the words of a small Basket of flowers, grapes Gonna Cry." Surprisingly, this will Chloe Handbag bring such a precocious misfortune, How can I do? ! "It sounds some Tremble." Co. can only Hide in My Basket of flowers in, otherwise, I can not guarantee the security of your. "Grapes are shaking in the Breeze a bit, thought it reasonable Balenciaga purses to say a small Basket of flowers, the wind will swing into the basket, but can not afford it little weight basket of flowers, cards click incessantly about, the children dropped out of the window, and Left-hand body in the grapes. "ah," cried a small Basket of flowers Out, "you into Trouble me, and now d & g purses will have to do. "Grape is difficult, and it is staying in a small Basket of flowers to the following, and before children Find this incident, on a mission by the sun tanned wrinkled skin, inside grape juice flowing into the soil, a small basket of flowers for help A precocious grapes themselves also got out of shape, and soon, was a foot on the top, and finally swept into the garbage heap. Shelves of grapes and partners louis Vuitton Outlet were picked after they have been turned into bottles of Sweet wine. "We must wait for the real time to Mature before Down from the branches. Co. see ah, this is a Precedent, like the Bunch of grapes, poor like the, End up such a fate. "The beautiful Vineyards in this Alternate days Wholesale Jordans Qinghuang, the spent year after year.

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