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  • linux study addresses collection 2011-06-15

    Perfect for Linux network configuration

  • Linux study notes written just fine 2011-05-27

    Linux study notes written just fine linux directory structure / Root / Bin commonly used commands binary file directory / Boot storage system startup files to be read, including the core (kernel), including / Boot / grub / menu.lst GRUB settings / Bo

  • Linux shell scripting-based collection 2011-02-16

    Linux shell scripting-based collection During the test linux scripting is essential, Shell script name can be easily defined, nor any extension, for example, you can write abc, smartzip su

  • Book: Linux 2010 edition Collection 2011-09-18

    Linux 2010 edition Collection

  • linux study notes (change) 2010-06-02

    linux directory structure / Root / Bin common command binary file directory / Boot storage system start to read the files, including the core (kernel), including / Boot / grub / menu.lst GRUB settings / Boot / vmlinuz kernel / Boot / initrd RAM Disk

  • Linux Study Notes Series articles - an overview 2010-07-14

    Recent study in the system Linux, the process of learning to take notes is very good: one can deepen understanding and grasp of knowledge; the other hand, easy to access and review later. Thus, in the learning process, through access to a lot of info

  • Linux Shell Command Collection 2011-07-13

    All command parameters are included. Specific use in the command using the-help or - help (depending on the different commands). Another study Sehll command is "online manual." Specific use is to enter the man command, the command will need to k

  • linux study notes install vwmare tools 2010-03-06

    windows VMware tools installation steps: (1) the main system under windows, the CD-ROM, select the virtual drive to use ISO image, find the VMWARE TOOLS installation files, such as D: \ VMware \ VMware Workstation \ Programs \ windows.iso (2) boot in

  • linux study notes -1 2010-03-14

    Environmental rc load order: 1. First read / etc / profile, then according to / etc / profile to read the content of other additional settings files, such as / etc / profile.d and / etc / inputrc and other settings - this is "Public setting" 2.

  • Unix / Linux Study Notes 1 2010-04-25

    Linux - Unix Class unix BS Java cross-platform Linux mainstream: Fedora Linux Red Hat Linux Red Flag Linux Kirin Linux GNU System - "application -" terminal soft01 @ localhost $ pwd pwd view the current path where the cd / to switch to the root

  • Unix / Linux Study Notes 2 2010-04-25

    chmod 766 dir1 Only he could enter the directory chomod + t dir1 Only he can remove the directory cp-i file1 to confirm coverage cp-r dir1 dir2 copy directory rm-f file1 forced to delete, no tips head file1 to see the first 10 rows head -5 file1 to s

  • Fedora Tutorial summary posts - the fastest Fedora / Linux Study Guide 2010-05-09

    Omitted in this tutorial to learn the traditional Linux tutorial content is relatively dry, starting from the practical point of view, to help readers install Fedora / Linux start operation by doing and learn to use the fastest Fedora / Linux. This t

  • linux study notes 20,100,924 2010-09-24

    1, common tools Remote login tool putty, SecureCRT Remote client shared tools SSH Secure Shell Client, SSH Secure File Transfer Client 2, switch from the graphical interface to the command line interface First, set the hot keys of virtual machines, m

  • linux study notes 20,100,925 2010-09-26

    linux common commands Command name: touch Function Description: generate an empty file Where the path: / bin / touch: all user Syntax: touch [options] filename Example: touch 1.txt 2.txt 3.txt echo "11111"> 5.txt Command name: cd --- change d

  • View file commands cat, more, less, tail, tac, nl, od --- linux study notes 2010-12-02

    linux command to view the file as follows: cat: starting from the first line of display file contents tac: starting from the last line of the display, you can see the reverse tac is cat show! nl: is displayed, the output line number easily! more: The

  • Linux study concluded two 2010-12-24

    tail command tail-f filename From the specified point to write the file to standard output. Using tail-f option can easily access the log file is changed, the most current end of file command will display the contents on the screen, and not only refr

  • Linux study concluded three 2010-12-24

    Step Seven: Needed during software installation operation command If there comes some of the Linux installation file, use the following command to force the removal of rpm-qa | grep gcj rpm-e - nodeps | filename Installing the JDK 1) in Linux to moun

  • linux study notes one: the basic operation 2011-01-21

    linux java development in the field often used as a web server operating system. First, the connection telnet SecureCRT Second, the commonly used commands 1, path operations cd ls pwd 2, edit the file file operations vi filename i, a, r, x : Q!: wp C

  • Process and thread management in Windows and Linux Study of differences 2011-02-24

    Process is an execution environment that includes a private process memory space, handle table, and some other things, for the survival of the thread provides an environment, which is the meaning of this statement when creating the process, often to

  • Linux Study Notes ---- vim text editor 2011-02-28

    vim (vi) is Linux, a powerful editing tool. vim has three main modes: 1.normal mode: When entering vim, the default mode is the normal mode. In this mode, you can not enter any text, but you can use key commands to perform many operations command, fo