Linux Knowledge ten: SVN installation configuration and use. SVN integration with Apache

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svn installation and use of knowledge:
svn install the required software: apr, apr-util, sqlite, neon, subversionyum install subversion:
Online installation repository. . / Configure - prefix = / usr / local / subversion - with-apxs = / usr/local/apache2/bin/apxs - with-apr = / usr/local/apr/bin/apr-1-config - -with-apr-util = / usr/local/apr/bin/apu-1-config - with-ssl - with-zlib - enable-maintainer-mode: when you install the subversion configuration coefficient.
svn - version | svnserve - version: See SVN version.
svnserve-d | svnserve-d [- listen-port port number]-r / usr / bin: Start SVN services.
netstat-nl | grep 3690: View SVN occupied port 3690 status.
ps-ef | grep svn: View SVN process is started.
htpasswd-c / SVNHome / conf / passwd.conf apache: create a file in the SVN account called apache user.
useradd-s / sbin / nologin-d / dev / null svn: svn create a dedicated user.
chown-R svn.svn / usr / local / SVNHome / SVNRoot / husumiao: distribution to the directory owner, is a group.
usage eg: svn delete. / tobeRemoveDir: to exclude from the svn management.
passwd.conf file in Linux, set the rules:
[Test: /] / / This means the root of the warehouse test access
admin = rw / / test the user has read and write permissions to the warehouse wooin
husumiao = r / / test the user has read access to the warehouse bao
[Test2: /] / / test2 warehouse access the root directory
wooin = r / / wooin test2 warehouse users only read access to the root directory
bao = / / bao test2 warehouse users without any privileges under the root directory
[/] / / This means that the root of all warehouses
* = R / / this says to all users have read permissions

SVN command-line knowledge:
svn help [command]: Show command help.
Method of establishing a repository: mkdir SVNHome files and conf, SVNRoot subfolders after SVNRoot use svnadmin create husumiao: Create named husumiao repository, modify husumiao / conf / passwd file the password-db = svnserve.conf .. / .. / .. / conf / passwd.
svnadmin create - fs-type fsfs / usr / local / SVNHome / SVNRoot / husumiao: two ways to establish a repository.
[[Into the repositories into the directory: cd .. / SVNHome new version of the library name: mkdir / test Create repository: svnadmin create - fs-type fsfs / SVNHome / test modify the authentication mechanism: anon-access = none, auth-access = write, password-db = / opt / svn / conf / passwd, auth-db = / opt / svn / conf / authz, realm = module repository after the authorization sub-folder and all files: chmod 777/775-R text (folder name)]]
After creating a unified repository configuration permits more difficult, in the new version of the library found in conf / svnserve.conf add the file or the corresponding modified as follows:
anon-access = none
auth-access = write
password-db = / usr / local / SVNHome / conf / passwd
auth-db = / usr / local / SVNHome / conf / authz
realm = module
/ Usr / local / SVNHome / conf / passwd file information configuration: [users] 1 = password user name, user name, 2 = password.
/ Usr / local / SVNHome / conf / authz file information configuration: [users] 1 = password user name, user name, 2 = password.
svn import / directory to import File: / / / usr / local / svnroot -M "Text": Import data into the repository,-m description is necessary.
svn add. / file: svn to add new content (file or folder.)
svn ci | commit-m "description": submitted version,-m description is necessary.
svn delete svn: / / ip / repository / file directory or file-m "description": Delete the repository specified file,-m description is necessary.
svn up | update-r version number file: the file in the repository updated to specify the version of operating.
svn resolved: clean up the repository.
svn lock-m "Help" file, svn unlock file: file locking and unlocking.
svn checkout must pay attention to: ps-ef | grep svnserve svnserve information displayed data point to address is the address you store the repository (eg: usr / local / SVNHome / SVNRoot).
If not, the first stop and then with pkill svnserve svnserve-d-r data storage repository address (eg: / usr / local / SVNHome / SVNRoot /), then use svn co svn: / ip / name to export the repository repository .
svn co | checkout - username username - password password svn: / / domain name or IP address / library name | svn checkout svn: / / domain name or IP address / Library Name: Export repository operations.
svn co | Checkout File: / / / repository location (eg: usr / local / SVNHome / SVNRoot / husumiao /): use local papers to export the repository.
After the svn checkout, svn will remember the user's information, if you want to change, you can delete the current os user / .subversion / auth / svn.simple inside information, you can change the inside of the file or svn - username abcd info svn: / / ip / repository: to change the user abcd.
svnadmin dump the repository location (eg: / usr / local / SVNRoot / SVNHome / repository name)> file location (eg: / www / file name): export a repository of information to a file.
svnlook tree usr / local / SVNHome / SVNRoot / husumiao /: a list of ways to view the file structure in the repository.
svn ls | list svn: / / ip / repository name | file: / / / repository location: See the repository file.
svn ls | list - verbose svn: / / ip / repository name | file: / / / repository location: detailed model view the repository of documentation, including date and rights, and other related information.
svn st | status path: the directory files and subdirectories under the state, normal state does not show (not svn's control; M: the content is modified; C: conflict; A: Booking into the repository; K: locked) .
svn st | status-v path: display files and subdirectories in the state (first column remains the same, the second column shows the working version, the third and fourth column shows the version number of the last modification and modification of people) Note: svn status, svn diff and svn revert command in case of no network can be implemented, because the local svn. svn retained in the local version of the original copy.
svn log path: View the log information (eg: svn log test.php shows all the changes recorded in this document, and the version number changes).
svn info path: View file details (eg: svn info test.php).
svn di | diff path: the difference, based on a modified version of the file and compared (eg: svn diff test.php).
svn di | diff-rm: n path: version m and version n of the difference, (eg: svn diff-r 200:201 test.php).
svn merge-rm: n path: the difference between the two versions will be merged into the current file (eg: svn merge-r 200:205 test.php, the version of the difference between 200 and 205 merge into the current document, but generally conflicts will need to deal with it).
svn sw | switchs: Update the working copy to a different URL (eg: switch URL [PATH] | switch-relocate FROM TO [PATH ...]。
svn resolved: conflict resolution, remove the working copy of the directory or file a "conflict" status (ef: resolved PATH ...), the book does not semantically resolve conflicts or remove the conflict markers, it just removes the conflict, relevant documents, and then let the PATH to be committed again.
svn cat TARGET [@ version]: output the contents of the specified file or URL, if you specify the version of the specified version from the beginning to find (eg: svn cat-r PREV file> file (PREV is the previous version, you can also write specific version number, so the output can be submitted.)
SVN General:
SVN because the target machine actively refused it, not connectivity solution: svnserve-d-r server service open, svnserve.conf file in which configuration.
No repository found solutions: first, stop and then with pkill svnserve svnserve-d-r data storage repository address (eg: / usr / local / SVNHome / SVNRoot /), then use svn co svn: / ip / repository name Export repository.
Authentication Failed Solution: See svnserve.conf file password-db file exists corresponding to the corresponding file directory and suffix.

Integration with the Apache SVN:
Corresponding to the httpd.conf file to modify, after the installation of subversion, apache's conf / httpd.conf file will be automatically added module.
LoadModule dav_svn_module modules /
LoadModule authz_svn_module modules /
So the corresponding documents to automatically copy the apache / modules, this work would not have their hands out. Need to modify their own hands last httpd.conf under apache add the following:
<Location /svn> # Define web directory is / svn
DAV svn # open the svn (svn integration of apache's Oh)
SVNPath / usr / local / SVNHome / SVNRoot # repository directory
SVNListParentPath On # open the parent directory features svn repository
SVNParentPath / usr / local / SVNHome # specify the parent directory location, after all the repository will be stored in the directory
AuthType Basic # Specify the licensing model
AuthName "SVN REPOS" # log the window title display SVN REPOS
AuthUserFile / usr / local / SVNHome / conf # to access the repository specified in the account and password storage file, the file needs to apache's htpasswd command to create
AuthzSVNAccessFile / usr / local / SVNHome / conf / auth # access to the repository specified user and group permissions control file
Require valid-user # require valid users can access
</ Location> # end mark field Note:
(1) SVNPath must be used with. / Svnadmin create / data / svn / svnroot the same directory.
(2) directory permissions set to 755 svnroot

Editing knowledge:
Modify the Zend Studio for Chinese / English: Open the user profile: ... ... \ ZDE \ config_5.5 \ desktop_options.xml,
The highlight of which no print preview?
1. <customized_property>
2. <locale Language="en" country="" variant=""/>
3. </ Customized_property>
No print preview to highlight?
1. <customized_property>
2. <locale Language="zh" country="" variant=""/>
3. </ Customized_property> libxml2 knowledge: libxml2-2.6.32.tar.gz: install package.
. / Configure - prefix = / usr / local / php - with-apxs = / usr / local / apache - with-mysql: configuration ready to install.
yum install libxml2: Online install the upgrade.
ps-ef | top: View the system all processes.
ps-ef | grep bash / conf / ssh / file name / Process ID: View shell process information / systems in various configurations / server account to log / file name running the process occupied / process status.
ps-ef | more: run-time process | page viewing.
gcc file name. c-o file name compiled: compile C program using the system file, then compile using. / compile the following file names: the implementation file.
php file name. php: execute php files.
pwd / man pwd: View the current directory / view the current directory information.
cd -/cd/cd ..: Back to the previous directory / top level directory / parent directory, cd /: into the root directory.

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