Let the computer tell you to enter the English.

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I discover a interesting thing: lets your computer speak you enter word. This is the method:
1: Create a new text file.
2: Write a sentence: CreateObject ("SAPI.SpVoice"). Speak "I love YOU";
3: Change the text file to vbs. For example: news.txt -> news.vbs. And click the file.

I found an interesting problem, you can let the computer tell you to enter text (here only in English): The following is the method.
1: innovation of a new text file.
2: Write the following piece of code: CreateObject ("SAPI.SpVoice"). Speak "I Love YOU"
3: Save your text file as: vbs. Then click on it.

If you want him to speak Chinese, you're going to download the language pack: (http://download.iciba.com/pwpe/girl_xiaokun.exe), after the installation is complete, there is the final step: Control Panel -> Language, select your just installed on it. Then you replaced the Chinese try.