JSP quote summary page problem

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1. <rtexprvalue> Custom tag usage.
rtexprvalue stands for Run-time Expression Value, it is used to indicate the possibility of using JSP expressions.
When <rtexprvalue> true </ rtexprvalue>, it said that the custom tag values of an attribute can be directly specified or designated by dynamic calculations.
example: <bean:write name="${iname}" />
When <rtexprvalue> false </ rtexprvalue>, it said that the custom tag of a value of the property can only be directly specified.
example: <bean:write name="improve" />

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    1. <rtexprvalue> Custom tag usage. rtexprvalue stands for Run-time Expression Value, it is used to indicate the possibility of using JSP expressions. When <rtexprvalue> true </ rtexprvalue>, it said that the custom tag values of an attri

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