JSP and interactive data and special characters JavaScirpt handling

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Data exchange data and JavaScirpt JSP

JSP data and JavaScirpt the use of a data exchange solution for the WEB program, the front-end (JavaScript) and back-end (JSP / Servlet) is no way to share data, only the back-end program (JSP) to data output

To generate pages to the front, this time the page generated JavaScript code in the jsp it be possible to get the so-called data. Similarly, only the JavaScript in the data to the back-end JSP code, JSP JavaScript program to get the data.

Then how to use JavaScript in the page data in jsp or in jsp page using JavaScript in the data?

First, the page data in JavaScript how to submit to the background of the jsp program

① data can be JavaScript to xxx.JSP? Var1 = aaa & var2 = bbb in the form of a URL parameter passed to JSP program, when used in jsp

<% String strVar1 = request.getParameter ("var1 ");%> can get to the JavaScript script to pass over the data;

② By using JavaScript to add a hidden field in the form of information, then submit the form the way the data is passed to the JSP program.

Refer to the following script:

<script language="JavaScript">

/************************************************* **************

* JavaScript script, placed anywhere in the page can

* Insertclick () function to get the JSP page is passed to the variable varMC,

* You can then modify the JavaScript value of this variable, and then through

* Post the submission to the JSP program to use.

************************************************** *************/

function insertclick () {

var1 = document.all.mc.value; / / Get the variable value in page form

var1 = var1 + "name";

document.insertForm.submit ();


</ Script>

<! - Html form page form, placed in the position of the Open html page ->

<form name="insertForm" method="post" action="yourJSP">

<! - The following sentence is to get the JSP program that passed over the variable value ->

<Input type = "hidden" name = "mc" value ="<%= varMC%> ">

<input type="button" value=" Submit ">

</ Form>

Second, the page data in JavaScript how to use the data in the background of the JSP program

This relatively simple scripts directly in JavaScript using <% = strVar1%> jsp program to connect to the data passed to the JavaScript script to use.

Commonly used expression is assigned to a JS script variable, but the contents of this situation when the expression contains special characters (such as: "'\ r \ n, etc.), the JS will not resolve the error down the execution. reasons: such as content in double quotes, it will contain expressions with the most outside the double quotes confusion will result in quotes does not match the situation to the implementation of the final error JS off, another example: If the expression in \ r When, JS variable value is not obtained the same line, when JS is not often under the implementation, of the form: If the expression says: abcdef \ r ghilm

var serverToPage = "<% = request.getAttribute (" showContent ")%>";

If the expression of a turning, the actual page is:

var serverToPage = "abcdef

ghilm ";

So error, and suspended execution. But you can use the following special characters in the second approach the situation.

1. With a script assigned to a JS variable expressions: the expression should be enclosed in double quotes such as:

<script type="text/javascript">

var string = "<% = request.getAttribute (" userName ")%>"

The statement in the script does not need quotation marks:

<%! String name = "sasa"%>

<script type="text/javascript">

function land () {

var aaa ="<%= request.getAttribute ("userName ")%>"; when the userName is empty judged as empty as: if (aaa ==" null "){//...}

var bbb = "$ {userName}"; / / use the quotation marks are in scope, otherwise not get out, such as: "$ {userName}"

var ccc = <% = name%>; / / declared in the script does not need quotation marks:

alert (aaa);

alert (bbb);

alert (ccc);


</ Script>

2. First expression is displayed in a hidden HTML tags, such as: <div> </ div>, <h> </ h> and so on. JS code and then use the value from the hidden label to show in the final head to ground.

index.jsp page:

<form action="txtServlet" method="post">
<textarea rows="10" cols="30" name="txtContent"> </ textarea>
<textarea rows="10" cols="30"> </ textarea>
<h1> content: <% = request.getSession (). getAttribute ("contentString")%> </ h1>
<input type="submit" value=" Submit "/>
</ Form>
</ Body>
</ Html>
<script type="text/javascript">
var node = document.getElementById ("showContent");
var tempNode = document.getElementById ("txtTemp");
node.value = tempNode.innerHTML;
</ Script>

txtServlet code:

String txtString = request.getParameter ("txtContent");
request.getSession (). setAttribute ("contentString", txtString);
response.sendRedirect ("index.jsp");

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