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1) JSON Introduction
2) JSON / LIST conversion
3) JSON / MAP conversion
4) JSON / Dynamic Bean conversion
5) JSON / static Bean conversion
6) JSON / XML Output

1.JSON Introduction
JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight data interchange format, based on JavaScript, but not limited to this.
Details can refer www.json.org
For example, a XML
<? Xml version = "1.0" encoding = "utf-8"?>
<name> Hotel </ name>
<city> Beijing </ city>
</ Shop>
Use JSON expressed as follows:
"Name": "Hotel"
"City": "Beijing"
XML parsing may consider the parent child relationship, and the difficulty of JSON parsing is very low, a lot of control, particularly related to data exchange ajax Many use json.

2) JSON / LIST conversion used in this tutorial parsing json-lib, the official website for the http://json-lib.sourceforge.net/ , this tutorial reference configuration of the official tutorial environment requires the following jar
commons-beanutils, and ezmorph control reflex
commons-collections is a child of apachecommons extends the java collections
commons-lang extends java.lang package
commons-logging Log class
xom is xml parsing class, you can refer www.xom.nu
The jar test junit unit
json-lib core jar
Project folder in the possession of the goods parameters (Shop) and goods argument list (ShopList) two entities
Shop name and the property contains two fields, ShopList contains a list of corresponding json Shop is
String s = "[{name: 'weight', property: 'p1'}, {name: 'size', property: 'p2'}, {name: 'card type', property: 'p3'}, {name : 'hard disk capacity', property: 'p4'}, {name: 'processor', property: 'p5'}, {name: 'memory', property: 'p6'}, {name: 'model', property : 'p7'}, {name: 'Item', property: 'p8'}, {name: 'brand', property: 'p9'}]";
The data structure such as a user-defined personal information stored in the database up to the role of individual parameters,
For example shopex many tables in the database is to use the json data type. Because users add their own parameters are not fixed length such as the above example to have nine user-defined parameters when a user need to fill these parameters, the need into a list, then the view in the struts2 code to display the completed reference ArrayUtil file attachment to the core code is only one line JSONArray jsonArray = JSONArray.fromObject (s);
After going to get this jsonArray into ArrayList, need to loop through, as
for (int i = 0; i <jsonArray.size (); i + +) {
Object o = jsonArray.get (i);
JSONObject jsonObject = JSONObject.fromObject (o);
Shop Person = (Shop) JSONObject.toBean (jsonObject, Shop.class);
list.add (Person);
Then get a list is an ordinary ArrayList

3) JSON / MAP conversion completed when we initialize a map, you can put directly into json
Map <String, String> map = new HashMap <String, String> ();
map.put ("name", "weight");
map.put ("property", "p1");
JSONObject jsonObject = JSONObject.fromObject (map);
Core code
JSONObject jsonObject = JSONObject.fromObject (map);
JsonLib will automatically complete the examples in Annex MapUtil.java map

4) JSON / Dynamic Bean convert the so-called dynamic java bean that is created when running under the circumstances, not the programmer's Bean has a good
JsonLib Json format data is automatically created based on the field, and then create an Object containing the field
This example uses JUNIT do unit testing validation, see DynamicBean.java
String s = "{name: 'weight', property: 'p1'}";
JSONObject jsonObject = JSONObject.fromObject (s);
Object bean = JSONObject.toBean (jsonObject);
assertEquals (jsonObject.get ("name"), PropertyUtils.getProperty (bean, "name"));
assertEquals (jsonObject.get ("property"), PropertyUtils.getProperty (bean, "property"));

5) JSON / static Bean conversion (StaticBean.java)
JSONLIB when the conversion will automatically find the relationship, such as sub-classes and parent classes such as JSON data source
String s = "{'shopList': [{name: 'weight', property: 'p1'}, {name: 'size', property: 'p2'}, {name: 'card type', property: 'p3 '}, {name:' hard disk capacity ', property:' p4 '}, {name:' processor ', property:' p5 '}, {name:' memory ', property:' p6 '}, {name: 'Model', property: 'p7'}, {name: 'Item', property: 'p8'}, {name: 'brand', property: 'p9'}]}";
Deposited Map
map.put ("shopList", Shop.class);
ShopList shopList = (ShopList) JSONObject.toBean (JSONObject.fromObject (s), ShopList.class, map);
JSONObject.toBean () method of the three parameters, respectively, corresponding to the JSON data source object, the object of transformation and the data source map ShopList
Then this can be achieved ShopList
This method and the dynamic conversion of difference is just the dynamic conversion into Object
The static conversion is converted into an entity class is already defined, it will automatically map (this is similar to the Ibatis)

6) JSON / XML output method if they use the String into the XML output to write a lot of code, and then be used JSONLIB, the core code is only one step
String xmlObject = xmlSerializer.write (object);
Such as
String s = "{name: 'weight', property: 'p1'}";
XMLSerializer xmlSerializer = new XMLSerializer ();
JSONObject object = JSONObject.fromObject (s);
String xmlObject = xmlSerializer.write (object);
System.out.println (xmlObject);

Output results
<? Xml version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"?>
<name type="string"> weight </ name>
<property type="string"> p1 </ property>
</ O>

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