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The use of JScript message box


Use warnings, tips and warnings can be used to confirm, confirm and prompt a message box to get user input. The message box is a window object's interface methods. As the window object is the top-level object hierarchy, thus the actual application need to use the message box's full name (for example, "window.alert ()"), However, the full name is a good idea, Zhe Yang Ji Zhu these messages will help you to box belongs to which object.

Warning message box
alert method has one parameter, that is, users want to display the text string. The string is not HTML. The message box provides an "OK" button allows users to close the message box, and the message box is a modal dialog box, that is, the user must first close the message box before continuing to operate.
window.alert ("Welcome! Please click" OK "to continue.");

The confirmation message box using the confirmation message box may ask a user "is - or - not" problem, and the user can choose to click "OK" button or click "Cancel" button. confirm method returns a value of true or false. The message box is a modal dialog box: the user must respond to the dialog box (click a button) to turn it off before attempting the next step.
var truthBeTold = window.confirm ("Click" OK "to continue. Click" Cancel "to stop.");
if (truthBeTold) (
window.alert ("Welcome to our Web page!");
) Else window.alert ("Good night!");

Prompt message box prompts a message box provides a text field, the user can enter an answer in this field to your prompt response. The message box with an "OK" button and a "Cancel" button. If you provide a secondary string parameter, the prompt message box will be assisted in the text field displays the string as the default response. Otherwise, the default text for the "<undefined>".
And alert () and confirm () method similar, prompt methods will display a message box model. Users must be before continuing to close the message box

var theResponse = window.prompt ("Welcome?", "Please enter your name.");

VBScript to use the message box


Use the dialog box for human-computer interaction, the user information or to request user input information, which is commonly used method for various applications. Scripting language also provides such a mechanism, you can pop-up message box in web page, enter the box or the confirmation box, etc..

Objectives and tasks a message box displays a text using

A realization with VBscript

Keyword MsgBox function


<Scripr language = 'VBscript'>
Dim MyVar
MyVar = MsgBox ("Hello World!", 0, "MsgBox example")
</ Script>

Click the button to watch the code run.

Code Notes

MsgBox function pop up a dialog box displays the message in the dialog box. Waiting for the user clicks the button, and returns a value that indicates which button the user clicks on the. Syntax:
xxx = MsgBox (prompt [, buttons] [, title])
Which, prompt as a message to be displayed in the dialog box in the string expression. Is Required. Other parameters are optional. buttons is an integer used to specify the display button and use the number and types of information such as style icons. title string will appear in the message box title bar.

MsgBox function returns an integer value that represents what the user presses the button. With variable MyVar here to receive.

Second, the realization of using Javascript

Keywords warning message box alert


<Scripr language = "javascript">
window.alert ("Welcome to our Web page");
</ Script>

Click the button to watch the code run.

Code Notes

In javascript, you can use the "warning, confirm and prompt" This message box to display three types of information and access to user input. The message box is a window object's interface methods. alert method syntax is
window.alert (string)
It is only a necessary option parameter, use the MsgBox function is not so simple but can be varied. alert method is equivalent to the type MsgBox function buttons parameter is 0 the situation, but there is no return value. Front window also can be omitted.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Target task 2 using the input box to receive the user's input

A realization with VBscript

Keyword InputBox function


Dim Input
Input = InputBox ("Enter your name")
MsgBox (Input & "President | President Hello!")

View run results

Code Notes

To obtain the user input can use InputBox function. Its function is displayed in the dialog box prompts language, waiting for the user to enter text or click the button, and returns the contents of the text box. Syntax:
InputBox (prompt [, title] [, default])
Which, prompt is displayed as a cue string in the dialog box is Required. Other parameters are optional. title is the title of input box. default is displayed in the text box as the default value of the response string, if omitted, the text box blank.

Second, the realization of using Javascript

Keywords prompt method


var theResponse = window.prompt ("Welcome?", "Please enter your name.");
window.alert (theResponse);

See the effect of prompt methods:

Code Notes

prompt method for receiving user input a single text, it contains two parameters: the cue and the input box default value. Syntax:
window.prompt ([cue] [, input box default value])
Use with VB's InputBox () similar, InputBox in the cue is a necessary option, but here is optional.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

3 objectives and tasks for the user to use confirmation box to confirm or deny

Keyword confirm method, if statement

Achieved with Javascript


var truthBeTold = window.confirm ("Click" OK "to continue. Click" Cancel "to stop.");
if (truthBeTold)
window.alert ("You have selected OK");
else window.alert ("You chose Cancel");

Code Notes

confirm Methods dialog box that appears on the "OK" and "Cancel" buttons. It returns a boolean type variable to describe which button the user selects. There are two types of variable boolean values true and false. When the user clicks "OK" button to return true, otherwise returns false. You can return values to construct a branch process, decided to further operation. confirm method syntax:
window.confirm (cue)
Comparison with the alert, alert only displays a button, and there is no return value.

if statement is also known as conditional statements, their syntax has two forms:

Type 1 if (condition) (
Block 1);

Feature is that when the condition condition = true when the implementation of the block 1, otherwise do nothing. condition is a logical expression.

Type 2 if (condition)
1) (statement block;
(Block 2);

Feature is that when the condition condition = true when the implementation of the block 1, or the implementation of block 2. It is the two alternatives.

Now, let's take a look at the demo it.

VBscript in order to achieve confirm in the function is very simple, as long as the buttons to take an on-line parameter values, and that truthBeTold = MsgBox ("Choose OK or Cancel", 1).

Javascript dialog with only the above three methods, but use simple; with VBscript the MsgBox () but can create different looks of the message box, and powerful. Here we have to study the MsgBox () of butoons parameter is not what effect the same time in order to understand what purposes they may have.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Objectives and tasks 4 shows different types of message box, and verify that the user presses the button value.

Keyword MsgBox message box interface diversity, subroutine, the event handler


Sub B_choice
dim Num, mass, yourpress
mass = "you press the button label is"
Num = InputBox ("Please select a message box type number:" & chr (13) & chr (10) & "0,1,2,3,4,5,
You can also add 16,32,64; or add 256,512,768 ")
yourpress = MsgBox ("demonstration effect of different button", Num)
xxx = MsgBox (mass & yourpress, 0)
End Sub

Code Notes

This code is a subroutine, subroutines with "Sub subroutine name parameter list" to the definition, here is the subroutine name B_choice. By the following "Demo" button to call the book after the procedure. So it is a "click button" event handler. Use the button in the HTML markup language to embed onclick = "B_choice" Help on the line.

Program first pop up a user input box, please select a type number, the result of the choice of keeping the variable Num. Then pop-up buttons = Num type of message box, so users can input different parameters to see the faces of different types of message boxes. Which button the user clicks on the information stored in the variable yourpress, this is a integer value from 0 to 7.

The last statement then a message box that this is an integer value to enable the reader to see which button corresponds to which value.

You can repeatedly click the button to see the true colors of different types of message boxes, so I am long-winded account of buttons meaning for different values of parameters.

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