JS vague to the clear realization of pictures loaded

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<img src="images/playboy-s.jpg" name="myImage" width="960" height="1285" alt=" Design by Greece " />

<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">
var img = new Image ();
img.src = "images / playboy-b.jpg";
img.onload = function () (
document.getElementById ('myImage'). src = this.src;
</ Script>

When using picasa, noting it is first blurred image display, and image suddenly becomes clear, this has certain advantages - picasa picture page is javascript implementation, if the direct load big picture, the middle is bound to there will be a gap, between the user and feel that emptiness. In the big picture is actually downloaded before displaying the display is the thumbnail.

  • JS vague to the clear realization of pictures loaded 2010-10-02

    <img src="images/playboy-s.jpg" name="myImage" width="960" height="1285" alt=" Design by Greece " /> <script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript"> var img = new Imag

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