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js and jsp interaction 2010-03-04 22:36:36 | Category: Personal Diary | Tags: | font size medium and small subscription.

For the WEB program, the front end (JavaScript) and back-end (JSP / Servlet) is unable to share data, only the back-end program (JSP) to output data to generate pages to the front, this time the page generated JavaScript code may only be called jsp data. Similarly, only the JavaScript inside JSP code in the data submitted to the backend, JSP JavaScript program to get the data.

Then how to use JavaScript in the page data in jsp using jsp page or in the JavaScript data?

First, the JavaScript in the page data jsp how to submit to background procedures can ① JavaScript data to xxx.JSP? Var1 = aaa & var2 = bbb in the form of a URL parameter to the JSP program, now used in jsp
<% String strVar1 = request.getParameter ("var1 ");%> JavaScript script can get to pass over the data;

② by using JavaScript to add a hidden field in the form of information, then submit the form the way the data is passed to the JSP program.

Second, the data page, the JavaScript JSP how to use background data from this relatively simple procedure, using scripts directly in JavaScript <% = strVar1%> jsp program can put the data passed to the JavaScript script to use.

Third, the reference to the following examples:

1, test.jsp

<% @ Page contentType = "text / html; charset = gb2312"%>

String s1 = "Hello";
String s2 = "World!!";

<script language="JavaScript">
<! -
/************************************************* **************
* JavaScript script, placed anywhere in the page can
* Insertclick () function to get the JSP page is passed to the variable s1,
* JavaScript can then modify the value of this variable, then by
* Post to be submitted to the JSP program to use.
************************************************** *************/
function insertclick () {
var1 ="<%= s1%> ";
document.forms ["insertForm"]. mc.value = var1 + document.forms ["insertForm"]. mc.value;
document.insertForm.submit ();
</ Script>

<! - Html page form form, placed in a position not limited to html page ->
<form name="insertForm" method="post" action="get.jsp">
<! - This one is for the following JSP program to pass over the variable value ->
<Input type = "hidden" name = "mc" value ="<%= s2%> ">
<input type="button" value=" Submit ">
</ Form>

2, get.jsp

String strVar1 = request.getParameter ("mc");
out.print (strVar1);

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