JDBC transaction savepoint handling

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In the JDBC things processed, can be applied to save the point of technology, the one thing in the processing of part of the submission.
The following example, three treatments

7, Zhang San by 10 yuan
9, John Doe by 10 yuan
8, Zhao 6 plus 10 yuan,

Wrong place at 8, then the processing of the 8 submission, using the save point technology.

Sample Code:

package com.test.tx;

import java.sql.Connection;
import java.sql.ResultSet;
import java.sql.SQLException;
import java.sql.Savepoint;
import java.sql.Statement;

import com.test.jdbc.DBUtil;

public class SavaPointTest {

         * @param args
        public static void main(String[] args) {

                try {

                } catch (SQLException e) {
         *  Save points are available from the Connection  .rollback  Method referenced in the current transaction.
         *  When the transaction is rolled back to a savepoint in the savepoint after all the changes you made will be undone.
         * @throws SQLException
        static void test()throws SQLException{
                Connection conn=null;
                Statement st=null;
                ResultSet rs=null;
                Savepoint sp=null;
                        // Initialization does not automatically commit
                        DBUtil.setAutoCommit(conn, false);

                        //  John minus $ 10
                        String sql="update user set money=money-10 where";
                        sp=conn.setSavepoint();// Set the save point  

                        //  Paul Lee plus $ 10
                        sql="update user set money=money-10 where";

                        sql="select money from user where";

                        float Money=0.0f;
                        //  Zhao six money more than 1000 Yuan (may)
                                throw new RuntimeException(" You have exceeded the maximum!  ");
                        sql="update user set money=money+10 where";


                }catch(RuntimeException e){
                                // Indicates that the submission of a transaction
                        throw e;
                }catch(SQLException e)
                        throw e;


Implementation of the file, view the database records, we find that Zhang San declined by 10 yuan, but, Xiao-Ming Zhao reduced by 10 million and 6 nor an increase of 10 did not conduct the operation.

1, the beginning not to make connection set to auto-commit
2, the middle set the save point
3, a rollback to save point where you want to use
4, finally do not forget to commit

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