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In the past, JavaScript is used to do some simple web effects, such as form validation, floating ads, etc. So then JavaScript is not taken seriously. Since the AJAX became popular, people found that using JavaScript can give users a better experience, or even the development of large-scale use of the advantages of web games, so that the door has been little attention to the language up. Now, many companies recruit engineers specialized JavaScript, JavaScript is often essential WEB front-end development skills. The benefits of a brief introduction JavaScriptr does not mean that everyone will learn or even learn it, interest is very critical, I think the interest is the best teacher, it is that you concentrate on one thing and do it the driving force . In addition, we have to think big as a small language, I had to use Greasemonkey wrote some very useful tools, such as JavaScript + Greasemonkey you can write plug-ins online web games. Here I talk about the process of learning JavaScript, and experience it.

Introduction to learn the layout of DIV + CSS DIV + CSS layout using standard web pages, you can make the code less front-end XHTML, structure more clearly, which is conducive to easy operation using JavaScript DOM, for example, to display a list of 3 rows 3 columns, if the traditional The table layout, and now want you to dynamically generate this list using JavaScript, you need a nested loop, if the structure by adding CSS float layout li, a loop just fine. Of course, WEB can not use the standardized form is not necessarily, I mean, clearly structured XHTML is easier to effect, or JavaScript function into the project.

Several development and testing tools to master as a developer, familiar with the test tool is a must, which helps to identify problems and improve your problem-solving efficiency, especially for large projects in particular. JavaScript and XHTML development and testing tool I recommend the first two of the most commonly used, they are: Web Developer and Firebug.

Familiar with the JavaScript function for each method that request may sound impossible, I think this requirement for as C #, JAVA language, which is indeed large, as libraries for these languages is too large, no one can fully remember it, but also all remember that there is no need, such as web and mobile phone with JAVA to do the concerns of library development is not the same. The JavaScript is not, it's really not much built-in method functions, the first comprehensive look familiar, being developed will also be handy, for example, you might think the start has JavaScript trim () that many languages have the space to the line of the first end of line grid method, when you understand the JavaScript function library you will find the original post of these methods in JavaScript is to themselves to achieve. As another example, if you are the stronger language from other play turned JavaScript, you might think they should have JavaScript MD5 encryption method, of course, this is not, but someone with a JavaScript implementation of such methods, the JavaScript MD5. After all JavaScript built-in method of pitiful, but a lot of cattle, some new ways to increase writing JavaScript functions, such as the prototype JavaScript framework based mainly on the extended prototype function.

Learn to understand programming DOM JavaScript DOM programming process be more important to learn the curriculum, because in addition to writing some JavaScript pure data processing logic, the more dynamic changes in the structure and content of XHTML, in order to achieve the purpose of dynamically updated interface, which work, we must rely on DOM programming. jQuery framework packages in this area very well, providing a rich DOM operation method allows you to easily find one anywhere in the page DOM node (XHTML tags), and the related operations (add, delete, change, search). For operations over XML documents in other languages, experience of a friend, I believe this one will soon get started.

Access to and use AJAX
Today, learning the JavaScript without using AJAX, JavaScript an advantage that is buried (AJAX JavaScript itself can not be content). AJAX for the user and the server is good for the user, provide a better user experience, one of the most typical scenario: the availability of the registration page the user name pre-testing, the traditional may encounter such problems: User After completing the form is submitted a bunch of data, the results inform the user by the server is registered, fill out the information to the user to re-register, which for large multi-user Web site that is fatal, because the user input 10 may be half over user name was used. For the server, reducing web traffic, as AJAX, the general on-demand loading of data, not because of local updates to reload the entire page. For example, a web account for three-screen high, we can only load the first screen of the default contents of the scroll bar when the user pulling down of the time, and then load the contents of two or three screens. WEB applications such as online map also is an example of using AJAX.

JavaScript this keyword to improve understanding
JavaScript this point with a lot of the role and development of a real object-oriented language is very different, it does not always point to the current object, it will change. If you pay attention to this problem, it may encounter error code seems right, or does not perform so on.

Learning JavaScript OOP Programming
OOP is a good thing, it allows programmers to think more organized, the organization of the code more clear. JavaScript can also be OOP, but also some of the traditional OOP languages there is a big difference, so really need to use familiar JavaScript OOP is under the point of martial arts.

Learn closure
JavaScript closures and it was more talk about a topic of closure so complicated JavaScript variable scope, but this feature makes the language and become more flexible.

Learning specification development team believe that everyone is heard a great deal, and the inauguration of a company to develop, of course, inseparable from the team, the team in order to co-operative, each member must meet a certain coding standard, this is also the programmer of each company the basic requirements. Usually refers to the variable name on the specification, document organization, annotation and norms, in this respect the norms of knowledge and other languages are interlinked nature.

Read the book to find the algorithm to learn and I think the use of a language is not difficult, difficult it should be the basic language syntax and statements to solve complex problems. To solve some complex problems, it can take some algorithms, some algorithms may be a team to do, such as Chinese Academy of Sciences of the concrete realization of Chinese word, the other commonly used as the game automatically routing A * algorithm. Maybe you think you can encounter in the JavaScript Development of such a complicated issue, in fact, this depends on what you are doing the project, if you are in the development of large web games, often face more challenging problems, if you have Some algorithms have read books, learn some common solutions to problems in the development process will naturally be even more powerful. In addition, the algorithm is obviously familiar with the other contacts for your future development language is also helpful.

Habits compatibility, BUG problems take notes
CSS browser compatibility issues with JavaScript to do the best notes, because these problems, or BUG is more strange, these browsers do not prompt you went wrong, IDE will not prompt you, in particular CSS compatibility issues This will lead to the development process you will encounter this problem unresolved waited a long time cards. Even solved similar problems before, probably will run into the future, the result did not take notes to enhance memory, doomed to suffer once again you, because these issues are not compatible with one or two temporary memory effect is not obvious. In my experience, many problems occur in IE6, and now even Microsoft IE6 want to accelerate its own destruction, which we developed for the front end is certainly good news.

Read good code, such as jQuery
Read good code is self-improvement is absolutely a good way, not only can learn about the code of the organizational norms, but also to understand some of the features of the realization of ideas. JQuery is a great example to learn the value of JavaScript framework. Of course, to read such a framework for professional JavaScript, JavaScript should be a solid foundation, otherwise the process will meet to see too much doubt, even self-confidence is also a blow.

Note that prior to entry to avoid the direct use of JavaScript JavaScript frameworks development JavaScript if you do not have any basis, please do not make direct use of JavaScript development framework, I think it may have misled your understanding of a language, for example, you use jQuery with the point directly link the written statement, do you think this is a JavaScript syntax it? For another example, do not you make a prototype extended the framework of the base class method that is built-in JavaScript. I think the JavaScript is used to improve the efficiency of the framework, it is definitely not the JavaScript entry should learn.

Find online may not be many examples of cross-browser compatible JavaScript effects, many years ago, a User Source is written in N, N years ago, IE's world, so too lazy to solve a number of front-end script cross-browser compatibility issues, so write out script only applies to IE. When you get this piece of code, please do not trash, do not do complain, because the code is not no point value, if you know JavaScript cross-browser compatibility issues, I believe you can easily be modified by the less code has better compatibility.

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