javascript do a clock (relatively simple)

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We take a look at their own download bar code with a comment, is also relatively simple, I am novice, you heroes, after reading to the younger brother make a suggestion!

  • javascript do a clock (relatively simple) 2009-01-03

    We take a look at their own download bar code with a comment, is also relatively simple, I am novice, you heroes, after reading to the younger brother make a suggestion!

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    C # code <script language=javascript> function preloadImages () ( if (document.images) ( if (! document.MM_p) document.MM_p = new Array (); var i, j = document.MM_p.length; for (i = 0; i <arguments.length; i + +) ( if (arguments [i]. indexOf (&qu

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    First, simplify the code Formulation of a more short, not only can reduce the number of characters input, but also can reduce the file size. A simple majority of the wording of the code has been slightly increased efficiency. 1.1 to simplify the defi

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    JavaScript can be regarded as the world's most popular programming language, which has been a nightmare Web Developer designer labels affixed, although the real nightmare is DOM API, this has been a lot of developers and designers picked easily enhan

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    Preface Standard definition of the API DOM Traditional client-side JavaScript API legacy Both of the above are very different. The concept raises 1. DOM is a standard 2. The traditional client-side JavaScript JavaScript is a lightweight, interpreted

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    JavaScript is the image of the seo headache. On the one hand we need to use JavaScript in web production to achieve the brilliant special effects, and JavaScript and how would the search engines while crawling of creating a bad impact. Google, yahoo

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    prototype from the French, the software industry standards translated as "prototype", representing the initial shape of things, but also with models and model significance. Learning the Java object-oriented thinking, on the prototype of a number

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    As the name suggests is the judge to decide according to conditions or not to load the JavaScript, is to determine if simple Well, the key is loaded: Quote <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript"> var nSel = document

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    This code shows that not only can function as a constructor, but can also take parameters, the object can also add members and methods. One line 9, Employee constructor in turn receive their calls this Person constructor as a parameter, which is equi

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    This is what I have just learned to do with CSS + JavaScript Tab panel with a simple, doing many problems, but after efforts to resolve, and now share with you, If anyone has a better way to do Tab panel I can teach about, first Thank you!

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    A thorough understanding of JavaScript Programming world, there is only two basic elements, one for data, one is code. Programming world is inextricably entangled data and code to render unlimited vigor and vitality. Data is inherently quiet, always

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    First, we discuss what is the real DWR. Direct Web Remoting DWR is the acronym is a combination of Java and open source JavaScript library. Through it, a simple, easy to build Ajax application, no understanding of the coding XMLRequest details. It al

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    [] Wutou turn JavaScript (a) 2010-11-30 11:20 Reprinted from the final edit goodfriend_001 from a beautiful people this is reproduced in the article, written very good, very good in understanding JavaScript, so Zhuantie over, find that multi-author L

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    Local image preview of the thought that a simple function, but a small with JQuery's $ ("# imgid"). Attr ("src", imgurl); Has also led to a fight, the fight between the browser, code browser, and we did not notice the fight between the

  • jquery.simple.tree插件 更简单,兼容性更好的无限树插件 2014-08-05

    在这里介绍一款小巧,功能强大,能拖拽,支持异步,且兼容性更高的jquery Tree插件 效果如下: 选择: 拖拽: jquery.simple.tree.官网地址:貌似已经打不开),不过因为操作比较简单,所以我们暂且用之. 前面讲过jquery EasyUI Tree插件,简单易用,但经过测试仍有诸多缺点, 例如: 1.兼容IE8的AJAX有问题. 2.如果异步返回数据较慢,将可能导致加载失败. 3.我们只使用其

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    在本章中,我们将分析John Resig关于JavaScript继承的一个实现 - Simple JavaScript Inheritance. John Resig作为jQuery的创始人而声名在外.是<Pro JavaScript Techniques>的作者,而且Resig将会在今年秋天推出一本书<JavaScript Secrets>,非常期待. 调用方式 调用方式非常优雅: 注意:代码中的Class.extend._super都是自定义的对象,我们会在后面的代码分析中详解

  • javascript继承详解 2013-03-08

    面向对象与基于对象 几乎每个开发人员都有面向对象语言(比如C++.C#.Java)的开发经验. 在传统面向对象的语言中,有两个非常重要的概念 - 类和实例. 类定义了一类事物公共的行为和方法:而实例则是类的一个具体实现. 我们还知道,面向对象编程有三个重要的概念 - 封装.继承和多态. 但是在JavaScript的世界中,所有的这一切特性似乎都不存在. 因为JavaScript本身不是面向对象的语言,而是基于对象的语言. 这里面就有一些有趣的特性,比如JavaScript中所有事物都是对象, 包

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    Troublesome really ah, finally get Some RJS message Introduction What are RJS? What are RJS? Ajax allows users with the interaction between the browser experience is more like desktop programs. Since Ajax allows the browser to initiate a remote call

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    Article reprint: JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) data format useful to learn how to use it more easily in the application of mobile data and objects. Recalling the name / value pairs and XML

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    DWR Chinese document v0.9 DWR 2.0 Edited by Wei Flocity Part original / part of finishing / partial translation Copyright Notices The book version of the current distribution network only, completely free of charge, please specify author information