Javascript CloneNode a problem in IE below

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CloneNode we all used this method, this method is very good, efficiency is also high recommended. Recently the use of it, discovered a hidden problem more deeply, and we enjoy what. Unlike clone select this more famous, look at the code:

<style type='text/css'>
        input.focus{border:1px solid red; background-color:yellow;}
<input type="text" name="testinput" check="num" />
<script type="text/javascript">
     var originalInput = $('myinput');
         var clonedInput = originalInput.cloneNode(true);//deep copy
         clonedInput.removeAttribute('id');//remove id

Note: $, $ D, $ E is in the YUI library, etc. Some of the above methods of packaging, writing and note here only for convenience.

Well, run the program, a strange question arises, clonedInput the focus event actually triggered originalInput the focus event! ! ! (Note: there is this phenomenon only in IE, FF, under normal, others did not test). Some people might think that this is the YUI library bug, which I can be very responsible to tell you this is not the YUI library bug, but IE own bug? Bug: feature.
Mozhe the bar, see next MSDN description:

cloneNode Method
    Copies a reference to the object from the document hierarchy.
    oClone = object.cloneNode([bCloneChildren])
    bCloneChildren      Optional. Boolean that specifies one of the following values:
       Cloned objects do not include childNodes.
       Cloned objects include childNodes.
Return Value
     Returns a reference to the newly created node.
     The cloneNode method copies an object, attributes, and, if specified, the childNodes.
     When you refer to the ID of a cloned element, a collection is returned.
    cloneNodedoes not work on an IFRAME directly. You must call cloneNodethrough the
    all collection.

After reading the estimates are very disappointed, not any signs. . .
Another look at the wording again:

<script type="text/javascript">
     var originalInput = $('myinput');
         originalInput.onfocus = function(){$D.addClass(this,'focus');};
         originalInput.onblur = function(){$D.removeClass(this,'focus');};
         var clonedInput = originalInput.cloneNode(true);//deep copy
         clonedInput.removeAttribute('id');//remove id

The wording will not be a problem, event trigger may have been okay.
According to MSDN's explanation, depth copy will copy all child nodes, where the direct write originalInput.onfocus = ..., then the onfucs is considered an attribute of the originalInput (Note: FF is not the case), so you can replicate normally. As for the difference between two kinds of binding events, here is not to explain, in their search bar.

See next case of a problem, the problem lies in the $ E.on (input, 'focus', function () ($ D.addClass (this,' focus');}); of this above. The following is my understanding: see next YUI source code can see this is by adding IE-specific event attachEvent method, binding method does not as a property to deal with input, this approach and focus of this event is bound, I understand it as a reference point to the in it, preserved in memory. When the copy, this method will not be copied, but the focus of this event is copied, or duplicated from the input of focus events point to this method, this method only exists in memory one. However, this method was created for a start, inside this method the context is the input, they have integrated, and can not be changed. Focus in clonedInput trigger event has, indeed triggered binding events, but because of this method which is input, rather than clonedInput, so there are the strange phenomenon.
(Note: The above is just my speculation point of view, I do not know if completely correct, the reader to judge for themselves. Mootools see attached statement)

Well, since we know is that this point does not arise, the solution is simple, as follows:

<script type="text/javascript">
     var originalInput = $('myinput');
         $D.addClass($E.getTarget(e),'focus');//use $E.getTarget(e) method to get the correct event obj.
         var clonedInput = originalInput.cloneNode(true);//deep copy
         clonedInput.removeAttribute('id');//remove id

Well, everything is OK.

Finally, please refer to the following mootools of Daniel Steigerwald (mootools has its own clone method) to say:
https: / /

jQuery explanation on IE issue:
    IE copies events bound via attachEvent when using cloneNode.
    Calling detachEvent on the clone will also remove the events from
    the orignal. In order to get around this, we use innerHTML. Unfortunately,
    this means some modifications to attributes in IE that are actually only stored as
    properties will not be copied (such as the the name attribute on an input).

clone: function(contents, keepid) {
            var clone = this.cloneNode(!!contents);
            function cleanAndFix(cloned, orig) {
                cloned.uid = null;
                if (!keepid) cloned.removeAttribute('id');
                if (Browser.Engine.trident) {
                    var shallowClone = orig.cloneNode(false);
                    cloned.clearAttributes();// The key is the 2-step
                    cloned.mergeAttributes(shallowClone);// The key is the 2-step
                return cloned;
            if (contents) {
                var cEls = clone.getElementsByTagName('*'),
                tEls = Browser.Engine.trident && this.getElementsByTagName('*');
                for (var i = cEls.length; i--; ) cleanAndFix(cEls[i], tEls && tEls[i]);
            return $(cleanAndFix(clone, this));

Mootools previously used this method, which has not discovered that there are so many subtleties, and shows how to write code base is not an easy thing ah for them to express my sincere admiration!

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