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Although in many respects, JavaScript can be used to improve your website and improve your efficiency visit the Web site, but it also has a few things the JavaScript can not do. One of some of the limitations are because of the script to run the browser window and therefore can not access the server, while others are out of security considerations, in order to prevent tampering with your computer's website. For these limitations have not yet can be the solution, and any JavaScript can not complain about their computer to perform the following tasks of the people, are not because of the thoughtful things to do.

Without the help of server-side scripting, JavaScript will not be able to write files on the server

The use of Ajax, JavaScript can send a request to the server. This request can be XML or plain text document to read manner, but it should not write papers, unless the server calls the script file to run in order to write a document. Http:// download Shy love such as tianxing this page are obtained using json , but this page can not directly write data.
JavaScript can not access the database

Unless you use Ajax, and server-side script for you to implement database access

JavaScript from the user should not read or write Office documents

Although the JavaScript on the client running on the computer while the client is also browse the Web, but still does not allow for any page other than the data itself for a visit. This is for safety considerations, because other pages may have to update your computer and illegally installed on the things we all do not know. The only exception is the so-called cookies file, it is a small text file, you can write and read by the JavaScript. The browser restrictions on Cookie's visit, so a given page can only visit the website created by the cookie.

If you do not open the window, JavaScript should not select the window

The same restrictions for security considerations

JavaScript can not access the website

Despite the different pages can be open at the same time, you can in a separate browser or browser with a different form to open. Running on a web page JavaScript subordinate to a web page, so should not visit the domain name from different pages of different information. This limitation helps to ensure the privacy of your information will not be open at the same time other people to share web pages. The only access from another domain documents are on your server Ajax call, and they have a domain name can access other server-side scripting.

JavaScript should not protect your pages and images

Page images are separate from any download to your computer, so we look at the page when already have a backup of all images. As for the real HTML pages of resources, but also the same. Pages necessary to decrypt all encrypted pages to display the page. And an encrypted me that may require the order to activate JavaScript, to achieve in order to decrypt and then display purposes. Once the pages have been declassified, any person aware of the methods can easily save web pages to decrypt the backup resources, such as the Official Road Merry this latest chapter 520 pages, but one download to the client, those on this page considerable js, css, jpg, etc. http connection is also a download to your local.

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