java on the cookie operation (transfer)

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java on the cookie's operation is relatively simple, mainly introduced to create a cookie and read the cookie, and how to set the cookie's life cycle and the cookie path problem.

Towards a life cycle of the cookie, the browser with the disappearing off the cookie, the code is as follows

1 HttpServletRequest request
2 HttpServletResponse response
3 Cookie cookie = new Cookie( "cookiename" , "cookievalue" );
4 response.addCookie(cookie);

Following a life cycle of the cookie, you can set the period of his life

1 cookie = new Cookie( "cookiename" , "cookievalue" );
3 cookie.setMaxAge( 3600 );
5 // Set the path, the path that the project can be accessed under the cookie If the path is not set, then set the cookie Paths and sub paths can be accessed
7 cookie.setPath( "/" );
8 response.addCookie(cookie);

Here's how to read the cookie, reads the cookie code is as follows

1 Cookie[] cookies = request.getCookies(); // So that you can get an array of cookie
2 for (Cookie cookie : cookies){
3 cookie.getName(); // get the cookie name
4 cookie.getValue(); // get the cookie value
5 }

The above is the basic read and write cookie operation. We are the best to look at the actual package, such as adding a cookie, our concern is the cookie name, value, life cycle, so a package a function, of course, passed a response object, addCookie () code is as follows

01 /**
02 * Set cookie
03 * @param response
04 * @param name cookie First name
05 * @param value cookie The value of
06 * @param maxAge cookie Life cycle in seconds
07 */
08 public static void addCookie(HttpServletResponse response,String name,String value, int maxAge){
09 Cookie cookie = new Cookie(name,value);
10 cookie.setPath( "/" );
11 if (maxAge> 0 ) cookie.setMaxAge(maxAge);
12 response.addCookie(cookie);
13 }

Read a cookie in order to facilitate our operations, we want to encapsulate a function, as long as we deliver the cookie's name, we can get the cookie value, with the idea, it is easy to think inside the cookie package to the Map, then the The following package

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01 /**
02 * Under the name gets cookie
03 * @param request
04 * @param name cookie First name
05 * @return
06 */
07 public static Cookie getCookieByName(HttpServletRequest request,String name){
08 Map<String,Cookie> cookieMap = ReadCookieMap(request);
09 if (cookieMap.containsKey(name)){
10 Cookie cookie = (Cookie)cookieMap.get(name);
11 return cookie;
12 } else {
13 return null ;
14 }
15 }
19 /**
20 * The cookie package to Map Inside
21 * @param request
22 * @return
23 */
24 private static Map<String,Cookie> ReadCookieMap(HttpServletRequest request){
25 Map<String,Cookie> cookieMap = new HashMap<String,Cookie>();
26 Cookie[] cookies = request.getCookies();
27 if ( null !=cookies){
28 for (Cookie cookie : cookies){
29 cookieMap.put(cookie.getName(), cookie);
30 }
31 }
32 return cookieMap;
33 }
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