Java examples in the test vector

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* @ (#)
* @ Author
* @ Version 1.00 2008/4/22
* You can use iterative methods, and the use of recycling methods class to access this class of data, how to determine which type of data, to find a way to learn.
* To use the mandatory data type conversion to complete the re-build, which is a good container, it will automatically increase. Size can be increased or reduced as needed
* /

import java.util.*;
public class VectorTest {

    public VectorTest() {
    public static void main (String[] args)throws Exception

       Vector vector1 = new Vector();
       Vector vector=vector1.getClass().newInstance();
       String s1="a";
         String s2="ab";
         String s5="abcde";
         String s3="abc";
         String s4="abcd";

    /* for(int i=0;i<vector.size();i++)
        String in=(String)vector.get(i);
    Iterator it=vector.iterator();
        String in=(String);



If the vector data in many and very mixed, then use type casting is very cumbersome is to one by one in turn, undesirable.

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