java call payment platform API - generate XML parameters traverse Bean

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Have always wanted to record their own stuff done, however, has been busy, no time (in fact, their lazy, hehe), today finally decided to start operations, has recently become a e-commerce site on the ticket, come into contact with payment platform interactive things, in fact, theoretically speaking, this is SO EASY, is the call to support the platform API, and then, pass parameters, return results payment platform, and then pile in their own database Update. In fact, I wanted to talk about today, when the call payment platform API like how simple and convenient way to pass parameters
I contacted the payment platform, called API requires incoming XML format parameter, the returned data format is XML, the parameter format is as follows:
<? Xml version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"?>
<MasMessage Xmlns="">
<version> 1.0 </ version>
<txnType> PUR </ txnType>
<interactiveStatus> TR1 </ interactiveStatus>
<cardNo> XXXXXXXXXXXXX </ cardNo>
<expiredDate> 0811 </ expiredDate>
<cvv2> 123 </ cvv2>
<amount> 100 </ amount>
<merchantId> XXXXXXXXXX </ merchantId>
<terminalId> XXXXX </ terminalId>
<cardHolderName> test </ cardHolderName>
<cardHolderId> 130928198310000004 </ cardHolderId>
<entryTime> 20090330153345 </ entryTime>
<externalRefNumber> PUR_NET985534 </ externalRefNumber>
<customerId />
</ TxnMsgContent>
</ MasMessage>
Not elaborate on the contents of the above, anyway, is a bunch of parameters, I do organizational parameters, first of all to make a Bean, Bean is the XML attribute name for each node, as follows:

public class PURTR1XMLMessage (

/ / Transaction type: PUR = real consumption, PRE = pre-authorization (three fixed-length alphabetic characters)
private String txnType;

/ / Message status: value TR1 (3 bit fixed length alphabetic characters)
private String interactiveStatus;

/ / Credit card numbers (up to 19 bytes (numeric character))
private String cardNo;

/ / Card is valid (four fixed-length numeric characters; format MMYY)
private String expiredDate;

/ / Card verification code (three fixed-length numeric characters)
private String cvv2;

/ / Transaction amount (up to 12-bit, 2 decimal point)
private String amount;

/ / Business number, this number test (client should be configured)
private String merchantId;

/ / Terminal number, this number test (client should be configured) (8-bit fixed length of letters and numeric characters)
private String terminalId;

/ / Cardholder name (up to 32 bytes (letters and numeric characters), for Chinese)
private String cardHolderName;

/ / Holder identification number (up to 32 bytes (letters and numeric characters))
private String cardHolderId;

/ / Client transaction time (the number of 14-bit fixed-length character format is yyyyMMddHHmmss)
private String entryTime;

/ / Application side order number (32 numbers and letters)

private String externalRefNumber;

/ / Customer number (empty)
private String customerId;

public PURTR1XMLMessage () (
public String getTxnType () (
return txnType;

public void setTxnType (String txnType) (
this.txnType = txnType;

public String getInteractiveStatus () (
return interactiveStatus;

public void setInteractiveStatus (String interactiveStatus) (
this.interactiveStatus = interactiveStatus;

public String getCardNo () (
return cardNo;

public void setCardNo (String cardNo) (
this.cardNo = cardNo;

public String getExpiredDate () (
return expiredDate;

public void setExpiredDate (String expiredDate) (
this.expiredDate = expiredDate;

public String getCvv2 () (
return cvv2;

public void setCvv2 (String cvv2) (
this.cvv2 = cvv2;

public String getAmount () (
return amount;

public void setAmount (String amount) (
this.amount = amount;

public String getMerchantId () (
return merchantId;

public void setMerchantId (String merchantId) (
this.merchantId = merchantId;

public String getTerminalId () (
return terminalId;

public void setTerminalId (String terminalId) (
this.terminalId = terminalId;

public String getCardHolderName () (
return cardHolderName;

public void setCardHolderName (String cardHolderName) (
this.cardHolderName = cardHolderName;

public String getCardHolderId () (
return cardHolderId;

public void setCardHolderId (String cardHolderId) (
this.cardHolderId = cardHolderId;

public String getEntryTime () (
return entryTime;

public void setEntryTime (String entryTime) (
this.entryTime = entryTime;

public String getExternalRefNumber () (
return externalRefNumber;

public void setExternalRefNumber (String externalRefNumber) (
this.externalRefNumber = externalRefNumber;

public String getCustomerId () (
return customerId;

public void setCustomerId (String customerId) (
this.customerId = customerId;

Then, I wrote a class to the bean into XML, the code is as follows:
public class PURModel (

public static String beanToXml (Object bean) throws IllegalArgumentException, SecurityException, IllegalAccessException, InvocationTargetException, NoSuchMethodException (
java.lang.reflect.Field [] flds = bean.getClass (). getDeclaredFields ();
String fieldXML = getClassFields (flds, bean);
StringBuffer queryXML = new StringBuffer ("<? Xml version = \" 1.0 \ "encoding = \" UTF-8 \ "?>"+
"<MasMessage Xmlns=\"\">" +
"<version> 1.0 </ version>");

if (bean instanceof PURTR1XMLMessage) (
queryXML.append ("<TxnMsgContent>");
queryXML.append (fieldXML);
queryXML.append ("</ TxnMsgContent> </ MasMessage>");
else if (bean instanceof PURTR3XMLMessage) (
queryXML.append ("<QryTxnMsgContent>");
queryXML.append (fieldXML);
queryXML.append ("</ QryTxnMsgContent> </ MasMessage>");
return queryXML.toString ();
private static String getClassFields (java.lang.reflect.Field [] flds, Object msg) throws IllegalArgumentException, SecurityException, IllegalAccessException, InvocationTargetException, NoSuchMethodException (
String xml = "";
if (flds! = null) (
for (int i = 0; i <flds.length; i + +) (
String getMethod = "get" + flds [i]. GetName (). Substring (0, 1). ToUpperCase () + flds [i]. GetName (). Substring (1);
Class [] methodParam = null;
Object [] params = ();
Object retValue = null;
/ / Here is the get method is called Bean, Henshuang Oh, in the base class for writing in! ! !
retValue = msg.getClass (). getMethod (getMethod, methodParam). invoke (msg, params);
if (retValue == null) (
xml = xml + "<" + flds [i]. getName ()+"/>";
else (
xml = xml + "<" + flds [i]. getName ()+">"+ retValue + "</"+ flds [i]. getName ()+">";
return xml;
This transfer came just need to Bean, Bean can automatically traverse the property, organized into XML, traverse the Bean property using a type of reflection,

getDeclaredFields (): returns an array of Field objects, these objects reflect the Class object that the class or interface declared in all the fields. Including public, protected, default (package) access and private fields, but does not include inherited fields. Return the array element does not sort, nor any particular order. If the class or interface does not declare any field, or this Class object represents a basic type, an array class or void, then this method returns an array of length 0

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