JAVA bridge mode

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1. From the Talking Tree

Basically, everyone knows that the concept of a tree.

Slightly go into. NET will understand the nature of,. NET has a object tree.

Learning ASP.NET, people would be aware, Web on a control tree.

Even if it is studied only the data structure to cope with the exam students will be aware of the concept of Tree.

2. The demand for expanded into a tree

To give our most commonly used Photoshop as an example.

In Photoshop, there are many graphical tools, such as stars, such as square, circular, and so is another example.

In Photoshop, the Needless to say, there are many colors to choose from.

And thus a red star, green star. The red square, green square and so on.

To see if the resulting tree:

JAVA bridge mode

It is three kinds of graphics, three kinds of colors, so we have a total of nine classes to the statement, of course, we have not the middle of the process of supporting the parent class.

If we are now 18 kinds of graphics, 12 colors, then we need to write 18 * 12 class, and then add 12 color classes and a general parent class, we need a total of 12 * 18 +12 +1 = 229 class.

Let us remember this figure.

Hope you will not and I bickering that we can write the color and dynamic incoming Color. We here assume that this property Color does not exist, but we need to achieve their own.

3. Object explosion

The word I have two design patterns mentioned.

At "Review the design pattern (1) - Flyweight" , I would use this word.

Of course, the explosion did not last article in the less terror.

But the search for the perfect and we should try to improve him.

Then let us begin to find solutions.

4. Multiple inheritance?

Learning C + +, I, the first thought is that multiple inheritance.

Description of this model with multiple inheritance re-fitting. Statement 18 graphics class, and then declare the 12 color categories, and then use a specific graphics class to multiple inheritance.

Let us look at this statement Chart:

JAVA bridge mode

Complex line may seem somewhat disorganized, but I think we should all understand what it means.

Understand the Dao Shi easy to understand, but this time we take another look at the number of this class:

Color 12 + Color parent class 1 + 18 + graphic graphic parent class 1 +12 * 18, this figure appears to be prior to that figure than our bigger.

Maybe I will argue for him said he was at the expense of space for readability, but the poor C # does not support multiple inheritance?

5. Multiple inheritance are being abandoned?

1. From the practical application of stress, B inherits A, and rewrite the method, C inherit A, and rewrite the method, then this time inherited the B and D over C, then whether he has inherited the method B or C methods?

2. From the object-oriented perspective, each class should be only one parent class, just like say that a person can only have one father.

However, multiple inheritance, after all, it is fairly easy for us, he is very easy to understand, like the segment, like the color and graphics.

Multiple inheritance away from the Java started on multiple inheritance problems left over from history, how they solve it?

Let our in-depth within the Java camp to explore the answer.

6. In-depth Java camp, to find the answers

Method 1: The interface to replace the inheritance that I am not interested, I used to know, I want to know something else.

Method 2: In fact, we use inheritance, it always had a succession of points, the main points and secondary succession. Then we should distinguish between primary and secondary, and then go to the main successor inherits that point, and then use AOP to solve the issue of secondary succession of points.

7. AOP + OOP == Complete OOP

AOP, aspect-oriented programming, also called aspect-oriented programming. Most of the design patterns are engaged in the relationship between the interface and the external, and rarely go deep inside the class to solve the problem. AOP is to solve this problem.

For example, we are doing the project, it is often necessary to record the log, then the level of the log is often distributed in various categories, but in fact this log function and the core functions of this class is not the nature of contact, which is actually contrary to the object The Single Responsibility Principle, and more importantly one of these scattered in all corners of the code, very easy to maintain.

AOP actually use a "cross-cutting" technology, in-depth within the object, and then a number of classes that affect the function of writing a module, and then injected into the various classes. In order to achieve the functional separation, it is often used for log management, security, control, secondary succession of points.

But I found a bit on the Internet, Microsoft officials did not provide a AOP framework of the technology, but are more sub-implementation framework, there is no Java, Spring of the class of widely used standards.

8. Next best thing

Spring's two key words: control inversion, dependency injection.

Since we can not rely on injection, then we are into the bar common.

So much nonsense, let us come to the question: bridge mode. First-come, simply Kanxia chart:

JAVA bridge mode

To explain, let us first take a look at the meaning of bridging modes: abstract and implementation of some parts of phase separation, so that they can change each other.

9. Code Evolution

Let me first explain that this model is probably thinking.

Continues to use the example above, do explain, according to bridge mode, we should change all the points to be detached from them, and then combined into a stable part. Look at the code bar.

class Program
    static void Main(string[] args)
        PhotoShop ps = new PhotoShop(new RedColor(),
 new Star());
interface IColor { }
class RedColor : IColor { }
class BlueColor : IColor { }
class YellowColor : IColor { }

interface IGraphics { }
class Rectangle:IGraphics { }
class Star:IGraphics { }
class Round : IGraphics { }

class PhotoShop
    IColor color;
    IGraphics graphics;
    public PhotoShop(IColor c, IGraphics g)
        this.color = c; = g;
    public void Draw()

JAVA bridge mode

The chart at this time should be like this:

JAVA bridge mode

This time let's calculate the total number of categories:

12 color categories +18 graphical class +1 = 31 of our graphics classes. Is very small?

10. Exploration of conceivable book, to trace the traceability

Earth had no road, walking too many people, but also became Rd.

In fact, there is no mode of this earth, but the principle of summing up, they have become models.

Model can be derived, but the principle is relatively stable, let us from this pattern to dig principles.

In the article at the beginning, we think of What are they? Three principles of object-oriented encapsulation inheritance polymorphism in the first one: inheritance. So the object caused an explosion. The Combination to solve this problem.

Still remember a very old-fashioned face examination questions, the difference between abstract classes and interfaces.

Then let us talk about from this side examination questions:

1. Interface is a behavior contract, which features an abstract class is an abstract. One can do, one is a.

2. Object-oriented design principles, said: combination of superior inheritance.

Okay, let's look at the second point, why is that combination is superior to the succession, not that it combined to replace the inheritance?

Let us continue to look downward.

11. Excellence

Combination is superior to the succession, rather than to replace the inherited form.

The above code, if required not only the color and shape, but also ask for more, then I am going on to write lots and lots of properties, good trouble.

But more importantly, if there is such a demand, I now have 12 kinds of colors, and then there are three kinds of shapes, namely square, circular and the stars, there are two kinds of pens, pencils and crayons, respectively. But now I only correspond to a square and the stars, a pencil, crayons only the corresponding circular and the stars. In other words there is no circular and square pencil crayons. In this case I am not a waste of a combination effect? And customers are possible combinations of mistaken?

JAVA bridge mode

Yes, do not blindly to consider combinations. Repeat once again that I love to say: mode is to change, not in order to mode model, we only need to be detached from a change-point can be a!

If so, then we written a stable sector, there are two options:

JAVA bridge mode

Or is to color as the parent class, this is to look at our personal choice.

Way down, as if to say there are many classes, but we are only a handful of choice, not our class less out?

12. There is a capability called the trade-off

This is what I <Javascript The return of the King > see, the original Web standards for HTML on the choice of follow on.

Here I would like to say, hard to bridge mode is not difficult in understanding, but rather difficult to apply. Difficult to extract out of us how to get to the change point, but retain our stable point.

That is the ability of the designer's choice!

13. Give a rather anti-3 - plant or not plant

Factory pattern, which I am sure that everyone is familiar.

Get rid of the ugly if-else, then use the factory to become independent class.

Respond to changes in the database, using the abstract factory + reflex + web.config to Gaoding different data access layer.

Respond to the different authentication methods, using factory + reflection.

It is almost become a common layer of Petshop of all things. However, in our project, really need the case?

First, by the if-else, where he was ugly, because once we have introduced a new logic conditions, we need to modify the source code to be recompiled.

And then the database and authentication, I think, with very few companies have really to modify the database and they are accustomed to the product authentication.

If so, that these are fixed, then we also necessary in order to model and model to go with the factory Mody?

14. Bridging Summary

Bridge mode (Bridge pattrern): abstract in part to achieve some separation, so that they can change independently.

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