Java application installation to a Windows NT Service

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  • Java implementation Windows system service (change) 2010-03-30

    Windows System Service (NT service) relative to the most common application of a direct advantage of the system startup can be run directly without user login system. In fact, to use the system as a server, usually do not need to log in, so not only

  • Redmine installation method of windows service 2010-07-15

    Redmine installation method of windows service Ruby provides a Ruby program to install the service pack: mongrel_service. Installation is very simple, as long as the command line, run gem: gem install mongrel_service Process must install some other p

  • Use Java Service Wrapper to Java program as Windows system service 2010-07-09

    Transfer from: In many cases Java program is run as a service, in Un * x platforms can be added using the command "&" the program runs as a background service,

  • cause of the error windows installation services to install the service troubleshooting _mysql 2010-04-25

    The following is an example to install mysql in windows 2003 service. First start - run - cmd, to cmd command line interface. Microsoft Windows [ Version 5.2.3790] (C) All rights reserved. 1985-2003 Microsoft Corp. C:\Documents and Settings\Administr

  • java application for registration as back-office services 2010-03-25

    The project, there is a java application, user requirements after delivery made to put this program back-office services, namely: the system starts automatically after the program start, and do not appear to run in the foreground window, and maintena

  • A kind of batch file to install the NT service mode 2010-07-08

    Sometimes need to make a batch command to start the NT service mode, to find a way to achieve this. 1, first get two small tools (Microsoft's own a small tool): srvinstw.exe srvany.exe This attachment in these two tools Second, ready to start the bat

  • Trend Micro continues to support Windows 2000 and Windows XP Service Pack 2 and other platforms 2010-07-30

    Original Source: To help companies extend the Windows 2000 Professional, Windows 2000 Server and Windows XP Service Pack 2 and other platforms use the original termination of life support, Trend Micro will co

  • Development of web gis with mapXtreme Java application (on) 2010-12-31

    1. Currently affecting the choice of developing greater control of foreign geographic server has Mapinfo MapXtreme, MapObject, Autodesk Map Guide, ArcIMS, Argcgisserver and other domestic Super Map. Considering we are using the Java language to devel

  • Java application security 2011-01-05

    Part I: Java's security infrastructure - virtual machines and byte code security in general: the number of security problems for many people is very important. From historical point of view, Java virtual machine and security essentially means that by

  • start java application packaged into a jar Runtime usage 2010-03-27

    jar java application to achieve the main code starts as follows: String str = "D: \ \ cs.jar \ n"; byte [] b = str.getBytes (); Process p = Runtime.getRuntime (). exec ("C: \ \ WINDOWS \ \ system32 \ \ cmd.exe "); OutputStream out = p.

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    Install a new XP system, when prompted to install the software office2007 install fails, that is not reset itself no control, rear install QQ, photo shop emerged one after another several installation failures can not access the windows installer ser

  • transfer java application jcom to word pdf 2010-04-14

    1. Java application jcom will transfer pdf word 2. 3. Experience 2009 - 03 - 01 09: 47 to read 528 comments 0 4. Font size: much of the small 5. In JAVA using JCOM and JXL tips: 6. 7. (1) should be under your lib jdom-1.0. Jar, jxl-2.5. 5. Jar, jcom-

  • Reprinted: JAVA character encoding Series 3: Java application coding issues 2010-09-06

    Another two days time to summarize / organize a bit of encoding a variety of encoding methods, and Java applications In usage here recorded for future reference. In order to constitute a complete text encoding of knowledge against and in-depth Bawo,

  • Development of web gis with mapXtreme Java application (below) 2010-12-31

    Development of web gis with mapXtreme Java application (below) 3.3.3 write the code generated here, the map server generates maps of the service referred to is the web server side code in the servlet response to client requests image information gene

  • Use InstallAnywhere7.1 production Java exe installation package (rpm) 2011-08-19

    Use InstallAnywhere7.1 production Java exe installation package Java application development and testing project is completed, companies need to archive this package (ie jar), and made into a commercial installation. 1, in the production into a jar f

  • 五十九.配置广域网中的Windows NT 2014-04-25

    五十九.配置广域网中的Windows NT Windows NT 4.0作为一个高性能32位多任务.多用户的网络操作系统,由于其界面的友好性和强大而直观的管理功能,无论对网络新手还是资深系统管理员,都可以迅速地构造起一套基于Windows NT的网络环境,从而赢得了众多用户的青睐.然而,随着用户网络节点的不断增加.挂接网段数的持续增长,使得网络规模日趋增大,一些在局域网环境中无法遇到的问题就会逐步地暴露出来.因此,如何保证Windows NT在多网段.多主域的复杂环境下,充分满足用户各种跨网段的

  • 在Windows/NT上建立JSP环境 2014-07-08

    Windows98,Windows NT 4.0,Windows 2000 professional,windows 2000 server等 jdk1_2_2-001-win.exe 一.软件下载 JDK Tomcat 二.软件安装 (一)JDK 1.双击jdk1_2_2-001-

  • Windows NT注册表 2012-03-09

    Windows NT注册表 注册表提供了一个安全,统一的数据库,用来以一个层次结构来保存配置信息.注册表中的每一个主键和一个.INI文件中的用方括号括住的条目一样. .INI文件的一个缺点就是不支持条目的嵌套,以及包含非纯文本信息.注册表的主键能包含嵌套的付键.这些付键为配置系统提供了进一步详细的信息.注册表的值可以包含可执行代码,并同时为在同一计算机上的多个用户提供配置. 有两个版本的注册表编辑器,可以用来修改注册表. .:Regedt32.exe 包含了大多数菜单项和它们的选择.可以在注册表