IV. SEO content strategy for learning

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Fourth, content strategy
List of SEO Strategy
4.1 The value of content
4.2 content creation
4.1.1 How to make content more popular and high welcome page to retain customers, how to make the content to be welcomed:
1, the share of
2, the exchange of
3, mutual aid
4.1.2 How to make the content to be reproduced more success you want to do a site that allows users to browse content on the one hand, if you allow the user to reprint the contents of conscious, but also for promoting the website to the next level.
Content-oriented search engines crawl the time, for example, the same content on the Internet, search engines will determine which is the content source, that is, the article first appeared in which sites, search engines will think that the content of this site is the source site.
4.1.3 The content should be coordinated with the theme of the site users find sites through search must be targeted, if the site content unworthy of the name, from the user point of view is very offensive, seriously affect the user experience, but the title of the party.
Title Party is to attract people to pay attention to the concerns set relatively high title. Network, there is considerable amount of the title of the party post, by the user that is a smile not a deception.
4.1.4 The need to regularly update the content in the SEO, the site update is strategy. Search engine crawling period on a site due to the site update frequency of information change, if the update frequency content of the site quickly, then the search engines will often visit this site. Conversely, if the words do not update the site for a long time, search engines will come less.
You can use site: domain command to track the site for several days the date of the search results page changes.
Tens of thousands of one-time release of a web page if it is not in line with the normal update speed can easily lead to suspicion of the search engines. If they have so many pages, the best attempt to gradually release, dozens of hundreds of on-line, this may not cause the search engine is not normal judgments.
4.2.1 How to create original content mainly refers to the original content-hand and from the unpublished content. Original content is the most popular search engine, but access to original content is very difficult.
We write the copy should have the momentum, full of fun and action-oriented. Text must help the visitor to complete their work, so as to be transformed.
The time of writing the key words in mind, as early as possible, as much as possible to use them.
On the page keyword density to maintain a strong diversification of the writing style of writing will be varied to avoid stiff, and duplication does not represent the trend of professional search optimization.
Local consider the position to consider to avoid fraud
4.2.2 How to make the contents reproduced
1. Modify the title is the key to digital substitution such as a gateway to educational channels, an article entitled "Preparing for College Admission Essay: five strokes to make your article 'light' up" in the revised title of the time, it can be changed to " preparing for college entrance essay: three strategies to make your article 'light' up. " With the title have to do is to humble the article, two important features removed.
Word substitution also can be modified, "preparing for college entrance essay: tips to make your article 'light' up", which allows users to search for "college entrance essay tips," and some keywords can be found in this article.
4.2.2 How to make the contents of the text reproduced by disrupting the order of ranking method, the title to look more different, such as "college entrance essay preparation: make your essay 'light' up in 5 moves", so that the order of substitution, to the title to set more in line with the thinking habits of the viewer.
Polishing method, for example, "the market can look forward to October XX," the article, you can say that the main subject of the view, but not full, can be replaced, "" The Nine "has passed," Silver Ten "is still worth the wait." Subject at the exact same time, the processing can be certain, questions, ask, antithesis, metaphor, personification and so can be used to increase the impact of the subject, with an attractive subject for half the battle.
4.2.2 How to make the contents reproduced
2, the content should be loyal to the original title modified title, to be loyal to the original, but according to the characteristics of the site itself, adding features meet the needs of visitors.
4.2.3 Using other people's websites can help themselves to invest in their own original articles some of the larger sites and sites to enhance their degree of concern. Submission, the general Web site to analyze the type of cast, in which articles on the site type and content of high interest to do targeted work, then go write articles, do original.
4.2.4 how to allow users to create their own content in addition to writing articles, reprinted articles, there is a better way is to allow users to create content. In the network, many users have a strong desire to communicate in writing, then by increasing the site-related functions, allowing users to participate in the content of the site construction.
4.2.5 How to handle the content editing and editing content of the site, just copy and paste that simple. Edit this post to explain the existence of this post will certainly have to edit the content of the work. Do original, collected articles, we need to do carefully.
Original article, pay attention to the editing to highlight some key words associated with the site, the article text in the hidden links, but the most important content should be pretty enough, exciting enough.
1, how to deal with pseudo-collected original articles, which changes the title of the original, clear and concise summary of revising the article in part, to do some simple page optimization, etc. These details of the work is considered essential .
4.2.5 how the content of the editing and processing
2, how to get a good title of editorial content to take a good title is important. Even if the site content and the content of other sites, like do not like the site title. Collected over the title of the article so be sure to change, taking into account the needs of visitors, you can add some eye-catching words, but not the title of the party's approach.
To write a good Abstract is best not to default to the first paragraph of content. Take the time to write a summary as possible, or suggestive content, which is good pseudo-original content.
It is recommended a piece of software - text finisher.
4.2.5 how the content of the editing and processing
3, edited content to optimize the final page in the article related to an increase recommended articles, popular articles recommended, and the whole point of the featured content, they are in the form of graphic combined. This can increase the link between the content of the entire station, but as far as possible not to use the JS call to some articles of the content, because search engines can not find the content of JS.
Careful site optimization is not a simple SEO, including user experience, content and other content related degree. Also note that some of the details of the optimization.
Edit the contents of the feedback network, how many people are concerned about how much traffic, which requires the introduction of the concept of the degree of feedback traffic. People interested in the contents of the multiple, and are not interested in less fat.

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