Introduction to oracle 05

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DML (Data Manipulation Language - data manipulation language) can be run under the following conditions:
• • insert data to the table to modify the existing data • Delete the existing data

1, the insert statement using INSERT statement to insert data to the table.
INSERT INTO table [(column [, column ...])]
VALUES (value [, value ...]);
You can only use this syntax to insert a data table
/ / Insert the users table to record a complete
SQL> insert into users (username, password, name, address, zip) values ​​('rrmy', '1234 ',' test ',' Beijing ', 100089);
Note: If a string is a number if you can add''plus''and may not add ===> generally not
SQL> commit;
Note: oracle database insert command in DOS, modification and other operations must be manually submitted. Or not (is true) was inserted successfully.
Insert the full record in users () in the table corresponds to a field can be omitted, but must correspond to the structure of the database table Caixing.
/ / Insert a table to users of non-complete records

SQL> insert into users (username, password) values ​​('mj', '123 ');
/ / Note: In some sub-section when inserted, the table must meet the constraints, otherwise it will appear as anomalies.
insert into users (username, password) values ​​('mj', '123 ')
RA-01400: can not insert NULL into ("RED". "USERS". "NAME")
SQL> insert into users (username, password, name) values ​​('mj', '123 ',' Majestic ');
1 row inserted
SQL> commit; / / must be manually submitted to
Commit complete
Above brief summary is as follows:
 Add a new column for each value.
 listed in order by the column's default value of each column.
 random lists in the INSERT clause column names and their values.
 character and date type data should be included in single quotation marks.

Additional knowledge points:
Implicit way: the watch list omitted the value of the column
SQL> insert into users (username, password, name) values ​​('mj', '123 ',' Majestic ');
Display: in the VALUES clause specifies null value.
SQL> insert into users values ​​('test', '123 ',' test ', null, null);

Common interview questions:
/ / Backup a table
SQL> create table usess as select * from users;
/ / Clear the table records
SQL> delete from usess;
/ / Use the insert statement to insert records into the users table in usess
SQL> insert into usess (username, password, name, address, zip) select username, password, name, address, zip from users;
SQL> commit
 do not have to write a VALUES clause.
 subquery in the list of values ​​should be the column name in INSERT clause of the corresponding

2, updating the data used to update data update syntax:
Syntax is as follows:
UPDATE table
SET column = value [, column = value, ...]
[WHERE condition];
Note: once you can update multiple records
/ / Update data: update users table to re-set passwrod condition is the only (primary keys are unique) conditions.
SQL> update users set password = 'sunlijuan' where username = 'sunlijuan';
SQL> commit
Note: When updating multiple fields, you can use a comma to distinguish for example as follows:
SQL> update users set password = 'sunlijuan', name = 'Lijuan' where username = 'rrmy';
SQL> commit
Note: If you omit the WHERE clause, then all data in the table will be updated
SQL> update users set password = 'sunlijuan', name = 'Lijuan';
6 rows updated
SQL> commit;
Commit complete
SQL> select * from users;
-------------------- -------------------- ---------- ---------- -------------------- -------
huxz sunlijuan Lijuan Beiyuan home 100 012
liucy sunlijuan Lijuan Tsinghua Park 100 084
sunlijuan sunlijuan Lijuan Beijing 100089
rrmy sunlijuan Lijuan Beijing 100089
mj sunlijuan Lijuan
test sunlijuan Lijuan
6 rows selected

Added: in the update statement using subqueries
/ / Update huxz zip code zip code consistent with the user liucy
SQL> update users set zip = (select zip from users where username = 'liucy') where username = 'huxz';
/ / Note: when updating the data can also be used where conditions are sub-queries.

3, delete data in the table is not necessary if some data can be deleted using the delete statement, and the release of the data storage space occupied by deleted the following syntax:
[WHERE condition];
Note: delete statement to delete data only from the table, not delete the table structure to delete the table structure using the drop statement.
Note: delete data in the table, we must consider the constraints of the table (otherwise there will be some unusual information)
/ / Clear the table delete from table name | | delete table
/ / Delete and update the data where the same conditions, must ensure that the unique (primary key is unique) conditions
SQL> delete from users where username = 'test';

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