Introduction of various Flex Component

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<mx:HorizontalList>  A level List, can be used to display images  ,  The   <mx:List>  Is the vertical  List,<mx:TileList>  Like the table format List, itself the number of columns  

<mx:TabBar>  That will be used to all kinds of  Bar  And <mx:ViewStack>  The combination of effects can generate navigation  

<mx:DateField>  Select Date  

<mx:MenuBar>  Common  

<mx:RichTextEdit>  Edit text in  

<mx:Accordion>  Common, flexible  

<mx:Box>  Series and  <mx:ControlBar>  More common   ,<mx:DividedBox>  Also more common  

<mx:TabNavigator>  Than  <mx:TabBar>  Better use some  

<mx:Tile>  Is also a good choice as a container  

Validator  Many of the commonly used validator  ,  If the results are not satisfactory, can be customized  

  An interesting thing   <mx:RegExpValidator>  Used to find the matching string  

Formatter  What is more useful  

Effect  In  

   <mx:AnimateProperty>  Drawing effect can be achieved  

   <mx:Blur>  Blur  

   <mx:Dissolve>  Achieve fade effects, and  <mx:Fade>  Similar  

   <mx:Glow>  Outer glow  

   <mx:Iris>  Way to appear or disappear rectangular  

   <mx:Move>  Mobile results  

   <mx:Parallel>  Stack multiple effects  

   <mx:Pause> Stop mx.effects.easing.Bounce.easeOut bouncing effect can produce  

   <mx:Resize>  Resize  

   <mx:Rotate>  Rotation  

   <mx:SoundEffect>  Sound Effects  

   <mx:WipeDown>  Disappear or appear from the top  

   <mx:WipeLeft>  Disappear or appear from right to left  

   <mx:WipeRight>  Disappear or appear from left to right  

   <mx:WipeUp>  Disappear or appear from the bottom up  

   <mx:Zoom>  Zoom in or out  

</mx:Transition>  Different state transition effects when switching  

Charts(  Statistics  )

<mx:AreaChart>  Is a representation of an area as  

<mx:AxisRenderer>  Is an axis graph, stock trading, said in this way often  

<mx:BarChart>  Is the histogram  

<mx:BubbleChart>  Bubble  

<mx:CandlestickChart>  A more interesting figure, "up  "  With the "down  "  The color will be different  

<mx:CategoryAxis>  Like with AxisRenderer  

<mx:ColumnChart>  Contact  <mx:BarChart>  Like  

<mx:DateTimeAxis>  Axis of line chart by date  

<mx:GridLines>  Multiple bar graph  

<mx:HLOCChart>  Like with AxisRenderer  

<mx:Legend>  Legend, discrete points  

<mx:LinearAxis>Axis  Series  

<mx:LineChart>  Line  

<mx:LogAxis>Axis  Series  

<mx:PieChart>  Pie  

<mx:PlotChart>  Like with the Legend
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