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Best interview self-introduction

Interview process, the interviewer will ask questions to the candidates, and candidate answers will be the interviewer to consider whether to accept his important basis. On the candidates, the understanding of the issues behind the "trick" is essential. In this paper, a number of interviews that often appear in the order of typical problems, and the corresponding ideas and information to answer the answer. Readers do not need too much attention to the details of the analysis, the key is from the analysis of "see" the law of the interview and answer questions way of thinking, to achieve "ingenious."

Question one: "Please introduce yourself"

Ideas: 1, which is the compulsory subject of the interview. 2, describes the content is consistent with the resume. 3, colloquial way of expression as much as possible. 4, to the point, talk about nothing to do with useless content. 5, structured to be clear, the level should be clear. 6, prior to writing the best form of written memorize.

Second question: "Tell me about your family"

Ideas: 1, condition for understanding the candidate's personality, ideas, attitude and so to a certain extent, this is the recruitment of the main unit of asking the question. 2, a simple list of families. 3, wish to emphasize the warm and harmonious family atmosphere. 4, parents should emphasize the importance of their education. 5 family members you wish to emphasize good condition. 6, their family members should emphasize the work of support. 7, should emphasize their responsibility to family.

Question three: "What are your hobbies?"

Ideas: 1, hobbies, to some extent, reflect the candidate's personality, ideas, mentality, it is recruiting companies asked the main reason for the problem. 2, it is best not to say that they no hobbies. 3, do not say that they have those vulgar, people feel bad hobby. 4, it is best not to say that they be limited to reading, listening to music, Internet, or it may make the interviewer wonder candidate was withdrawn. 5, it is best to have some outdoor hobbies to "decorating" your image.

Question 4: "Who do you admire most?"

Ideas: 1, most admired people who can to some extent reflect the candidate's personality, ideas, mentality, which is the main reason interviewers ask this question. 2, who should not say that they do not worship. 3, not that worship itself. 4, not that of a virtual worship, or unknown people. 5, not that worship has a clear negative image. 6, the worship of all the best with their work by the candidates can "ride" on the relationship. 7, it is best to speak out what people worship the quality of infection with their own ideas which have inspired their own.

Five questions: "What is your motto?"

Ideas: 1, motto, to some extent, reflect the candidate's personality, ideas, mentality, which is the main reason interviewers ask this question. 2, said that doctors should not lead to a bad association's motto. 3, not that the motto of those abstract. 4, not that long motto. 5 best reflect their own motto of a good quality. 6, refer to the answer - "only to find a successful way, is not an excuse for failure"

Question 6: "Tell me about your weaknesses"

Ideas: 1, should not say that they did not weaknesses. 2, not to say that the obvious advantages disadvantages. 3, should not seriously affect the applicant work out the shortcomings. 4, not to say people do not trust, do not feel comfortable shortcomings. 5, may give some candidates for the job "irrelevant" shortcomings, and even some on the surface is a disadvantage from the perspective of the work are the advantages of disadvantages.

Question 7: "What do you experience a failure"

Ideas: 1, should not say that they did not experience failure. 2, not to say that the apparent success of a failure. 3, not to say seriously affected by the failure of the work experience of candidates, 4, are talking about the results experienced to be a failure. 5, should note that he had the confidence before the failure of white-fold and dedication. 6 shows only the external objective reasons lead to failure. 7, soon after the failure of his heart that, with more enthusiasm to face the future work.

Question 8: "Why did you choose our company?"

Ideas: 1, the interviewer tried to learn about your job motivation, desire and attitude to this work. 2, recommendations from industry, business and job to answer these three angles. 3, refer to the answer - "I am very optimistic about the industry your company is located, I think your company attaches great importance to talent, and this work is very suitable for me, believe that they certainly do."

Question 9: "For this work, which you can foresee problems?"

Ideas: 1, not directly state the specific difficulties, or may not do so other suspected candidates. 2, you can try outflanking tactics, telling the candidate the attitude of the difficulties - "the work of some difficulty is normal and inevitable, but as long as perseverance, spirit of good cooperation and well-planned and pre- adequate preparation, any difficulty can be overcome. "

Question 10: "If I hire you, how you work"

Ideas: 1, if the applicant for the position you lack sufficient understanding, best not to directly tell their own specific methods of work, 2, can try to use indirect tactics to answer, such as "first listen to the instructions and requirements of leadership, then to understand and are familiar with the situation, then develop a work plan and report to the leadership of the recent approval of the final work under the scheme. "

Question 11: "no one with a higher level view, how would you do?"

Ideas: 1, generally can be answered, "I will give the necessary explanations and superior to remind that in this case, I will submit to a superior." 2, if you're interviewing general manager, and you apply for jobs while a manager, and the manager was not there, can answer: "For non-principle, I would submit to a superior, for the interests of the major issues involving the company, I hope to reflect a more senior leadership."

Question 12: "Why should we hire you?"

Ideas: 1, the best candidates standing in the perspective of the recruitment unit to answer. 2, the recruitment unit will normally be employed such candidates: basically meet the conditions of interest on the total group, there is sufficient confidence. 3, such as "I found your company's recruitment requirements, and with my current skills, high sense of responsibility and good adaptability hungry and learning ability, fully qualified for the job. I very much hope to serve you, if your company for giving me this opportunity, I will become the pillars of your company! "

Question 13: "What can you do for us?"

Ideas: 1, the basic principle "to match up." 2, answering this question the best candidate to "preemptive strike" to understand the recruitment of units can look forward to the role of this position. 3, candidates can know their own, combining their strengths in the areas of expertise to answer this question.

Question 14: "You are the graduates, the lack of experience, how qualified for the job?"

Ideas: 1 unit of fresh graduates are recruited candidates who raised the issue, indicating the recruitment unit does not really care about "experience" key to see how the candidates answer. 2, the best answer to this question should reflect the candidate's sincerity, wit, courage and dedication. 3, such as "Zuo Wei fresh graduates, Zai work experience would indeed be lacking during which I was studying Yinci has used a variety of opportunities for part-time in this industry Zuo. I also found Shiji work than book knowledge, rich, complex. But I have a strong sense of responsibility, adaptability and learning ability, and relatively hard, it can in part in the successful completion of the work experience from which I obtained greatly benefit from. Please be assured your company, school by school and part-time work experience I have qualified for this position. "

Question 15: "Do you want to work with what kind of parent?"

Ideas: 1, by the candidate on a higher level of "hope" to judge the candidates on the self-awareness of the requirements, it is both a trap and also the last chance. 2, the best hope of avoiding the concrete on the higher level, to talk about their requirements. 3, such as "just entered the community as a newcomer, I should have asked himself more familiar with the environment as soon as possible, adapting to the environment should not make any demands on the environment, as long as can play my expertise on it."

Question 16: "You leave a company because the former is what?"

Ideas: 1, the most important thing is: looking for candidates to make the recruitment unit trust, the candidate's unit in the past, "Reason for leaving" in the recruitment of units in this house does not exist. 2, to avoid the "Reason for leaving" too much detail, too specific. 3, can not be doped subjective negative feelings, such as "too tough here," "complex relationship," "Management is too confusing", "companies do not focus on talent," "certain employees of our company's exclusive" and so on. 4, but they can not dodge, evade, such as "want a change of environment", "personal reasons" and so on. 5, can not be related to their negative personality traits, such as dishonesty, laziness, lack of responsibility, not easy-going and so on. 6, as possible candidates to explain the reasons for the personal image luster. 7, such as "I left my job because the company closed down. I work in the company more than three years, have deep feelings. From the beginning last year as the market situation changed, the company's situation nosedive. To present this point I am very sorry , but also face display, re looking for a stage play my ability. "the same interview questions is not just an answer The same an answer Bingbushizai Renhe interview occasions are You Xiao, Guanjianzaiyu after candidates are controlling Liao law, right interview to grasp the specific situation, consciously try to figure out the psychological background of the interviewer to ask questions, and then match up.

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