Installing Ubuntu from HDD

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Former are directly under the windows with wubi installed ubuntu. But sometimes there are problems to get up. Then want to install a separate version altogether.

Have only a mobile hard drive, no CD-ROM. CD burning is also very slow. Therefore, direct use of mobile hard drive. Official website on the use of mobile hard disk, a simple system of documentation.
Document, we introduce the use tools to make a boot disk. Many such software, such as uiso9 is more famous, but not free.

Using the above described software and documentation steps in theory is correct. However, some students actually use the mobile site for production, or will fail. In fact, failure is not a prerequisite for some of us do. Can not blame the official documents in question ^ _ ^.

1 First, create a mobile disk, you have to be careful, some of the things inside the software will wipe the hard disk to get rid of. To be safe, something to temporarily move the plate to back up. So we made a good start into the after-hours came alive again.

2 to move the disk format as fat32 format. win7 system does not support vista or direct format into fat32. from the Internet the next disk partitioning software. I was the software from the management center 360 a random foreign language version. Specific operation is as follows:
a. To be safe, delete the hard disk partition. Then create a 2G fat32 primary partition, please do not exceed 4G. I had more than 4G, creating the drive can not be started. This may be due to fat32 only supports 4G of the biggest reasons. And only install a system file, is a big waste. Please pay special attention to this point, or write out what syslinux failure is not fun.
b. according to the official website of the practice, download the iso file to removable hard disk is written (the text is not very good if E, then this step is actually very easy. aforementioned software to install, run the software will ask you to choose to write into the iso file, then select a mobile device then you can begin to make a boot disk, if it is used uiso then, the steps a little bit complex and this has a lot of information online, you can search for the next).
c. After the above steps, not out of anything unusual, the wrong words. Boot disk to make good. At this time, you can check whether you can use the next. Reboot the machine, start from usb (if usb is not the first boot sequence, you can modify the BIOS, you can not enter the next Baidu General is like the function keys F12).
d. If we can start and install ubuntu into the environment. Congratulations, you made a success. Instead, please check the above steps went wrong. I use the latest version 11.04 is a success.
e. If the above is successful, can be set up before moving back up the things in the copy back. Create some logical partition with the NTFS format (here is no reason to continue to use fat32). The contents of the bag. Always remember do not move before that make a boot disk partition. Everything is in order, you can repeat steps d, rest assured that the installed system.

Finally, I wish you all happy with ubuntu. Learning together. Progress together ^ _ ^.

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