Installing Linux Apache configuration information

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1. Download the apache, through this website, we can down to the latest version. Versions are now expressed in this way: httpd-*.*.*. tar.gz

2. For example, you are now Quguan download the latest version of Network: httpd-2.2.9.tar.gz.

3. Well, download it to your home directory / root inside.

4. [Root @ hostlocal ~] # ls / / you will see your downloaded httpd-2.2.9.tar.gz.

5. [Root @ hostlocal ~] # tar-zxvf httpd-2.2.9.tar.gz / / unpacked httpd-2.2.9

6. [Root @ hostlocal ~] # mkdir-p / usr / local / web / apache / / / In this directory create the document, which will help management

7. [Root @ hostlocal ~] # mv / root/httpd-2.2.9 / usr / local / src / / / will install the package into the / src, the benefit management

8. [Root @ hostlocal ~] # cd httpd-2.2.9

9. [[email protected]] #. / Configure - prefix = / usr / local / web / apache \ / / installation path

Ø - enable-shared = max \

Ø - enable-module = rewirte \

Ø - enable-module = so

10. [[email protected]] # make / / compile

11. [[email protected]] # make install

12. [Root @ hostlocal ~] # service httpd start / / Open the httpd service

After successful installation, apache will be installed to / usr / local / web / apache below. IE windows host and then enter the apache server's IP address. See if you can have access to.

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