Installation vmwave tool tool

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VMware Tools is a set of VMware provides a very intimate process, to improve the performance of the mouse (not hard at later press Ctrl + Alt in

Switch between the virtual and real), and the virtual machine can directly paste the clipboard contents into the host.
If you paid attention to VMware Workstation installation directory, you will find some of the named windows.iso, linux.iso,

freebsd.iso, solaris.iso CD image, which is the VMware Tools in a variety of operating system installation files. VMware

Tools CD-ROM image is loaded into the corresponding operating system to run down the installation.

Without further ado, click on the menu of the VMware "Virtual Machine -> Install VMware Tools", the pop-up dialog box, select "Install." At this time,

Will automatically load in Ubuntu Linux version of VMware Tools installation CD image. Virtual machine's desktop on the emergence of a named

VMware Tools CD-ROM icon, and is automatically opened. Including VMwareTools-5.3.3-34685-i386.rpm and

VMwareTools-5.3.3-34685.tar.gz two files, copying them to the user directory:
$ Cp / media / cdrom / VMware * ~

Method One:. Rpm files for Red Hat prepared to install the rpm package, you must first convert the rpm with alien to deb format
1, alien and fakeroot installed these tools, where the former can be converted to a deb package rpm package:
$ Sudo apt-get install alien fakeroot
2, use alien to convert rpm packages to deb packages:
$ Fakeroot alien VMwareTools-5.3.3-34685-i386.rpm
3, the installation:
$ Sudo dpkg-i VMwareTools-5.3.3-34685-i386.rpm

Method Two:
$ Tar zvxf VMwareTools-5.3.3-34685.tar.gz
$ Cd vmware-tools-distrib
$ Sudo. / (carriage return will be prompted to enter your password that you will be more advanced permissions to perform the installation)

Originally all the way to enter to complete the installation, I did not expect to problems ensued:
What is the location of the directory of C header files that match your running kernel?

[/ Usr / src / linux / include]
If you directly enter, it will prompt: The path "/ usr / src / linux / include" is not an existing directory.
Therefore, we must first change the path. First with uname-r command to find the current linux kernel version, here's my version 2.6.35-25-

generic, so changed the following path: / usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.35-25-generic/include

Change after the carriage return, appeared the following questions:

The directory of kernel headers (version @ @ VMWARE @ @ UTS_RELEASE) does not match your running

kernel (version 2.6. 35 - 22-generic). Even if the module were to compile successfully, it

would not load into the running kernel.

This is not no match, but because there is a variable UTS_RELEASE Kernel location has changed. The previous definition of this variable to put

In / usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.35-25-generic/include/linux/version.h, and now has moved to

A / usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.35-25-generic/include/generated/utsrelease.h. So vmware tools

Can not find the definition of this variable, there are two ways to modify:

① in version.h to add: # define UTS_RELEASE "2.6.35-25-generic"

② directly utsrelease.h copy back: $ cp-p generated / utsrelease.h linux / utsrelease.h

Modify and then enter, there are still problems:

The path "/ usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.35-22-generic/include" is a kernel header file

directory, but it does not contain the file "linux / autoconf.h" as expected. This can happen

if the kernel has never been built, or if you have invoked the "make mrproper" command in

your kernel directory. In any case, you may want to rebuild your kernel.

Follow the prompts to know, because they can not linux / autoconf.h file, the file in the new linux kernel is moved to

generated directory, so the modified method is also very simple, direct copy this file over to:

$ Cp-p generated / autoconf. H linux / autoconf. H

Such modifications are completed, should be able to successfully install.

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