install a virtual machine under linux

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Ready to install a kvm in Ubuntu virtual host (xp3);

First, create a disk image

qemu-img create -f qcow2 tmp.img 5G

Parameters are: qemu-img create-f format (because it is windows, so the format is qcow2) File Name Size

Second, install the image to disc

sudo kvm -smp 2 -hda WinXP.img -cdrom ../iso/WinXPSp3.Vol.iso -m 512 -usbdevice tablet -vnc :0 -boot menu=on


sudo kvm-smp cpu number of disk-cdrom iso disk image file location-m memory-usbdevice tablet (to prevent the mouse delay)-vnc: 0-boot menu = on

Third, the next image interfacing software; I use: vncviewer.exe

Can enter the host ip address

Fourth, install the windows system, we estimate the rest will be up!

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