Informatica 8.5.1 upgrade 8.6.1

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Some time ago has been busy Informatica 8.5.1 to upgrade to 8.6.1, as a middleman (the actual upgrade is not directly connected to our project, but there should be divided) walk in customers and suppliers before being used to support two programs, following or record of these experiences it:
First use of the program: start with 8.5.1 is now officially the backup environment, the contents out, we implemented two one is a backup with the log, a log backup is not with (nothing more than some of the log here Service log, run log and so released if there is no need just go to hell, skip directly out) back up on very different time, the first system database metadata 2G, with a log with nearly five minutes without logs as long as tens of seconds. The second system 20G more metadata database, the backup with the log of spent more than 40 minutes, without logs, not to do it again (because a very short time to stop) so we put the production of contents completed the backup, is behind the implementation of the upgrade, specifically is this: we have directly in the new machine a good coat 8.6.1, domian, node name, Intergrtion service, Repository service according to the original production on the environment are the same as the above set, I am directly behind the current contents restore to 8.6.1 above to the environment. Connect 8.6.1 open environment (when used in the creation of user Administrator access) to see inside the mapping, session, workflow and other designs are no problem, thought on it (as I said before, I was a middleman, before did not do upgrade, the program did not study this before, someone I naturally go to the program based on implementation) then suddenly thought of a question can not be used if the other user to see the corresponding opb_users tables, data are still, ah, how is it? I do not know who to support commercial and residential side he does not understand. For a time we stalemate, naturally this is not the answer.

Later, support for business and gives the second solution:
In the backup contents, there was a back up of domain configuration information, in a previous article I have introduced infasetup specific use of this command, here is not explained, the use of BackupDomain this parameter option, the backup domain, Here are just running a shell script, no need to stop and then do what is installed on the new machine is 8.5.1, installed infa again after the command to use the installed Domain infasetup Delete information out, from the official in the prior Domain information back down environment Restore, this time will the original Intergrtion service, Repository service information is also recovered, of course, only a shell of information (in front of said infasetup backup and recovery for the table, in fact, did restore the table, the information is stored In these tables, then the recovery time to restore a naturally), here support the business told me directly removed Intergrtion service, Repository service, then their re-built according to the production environment, Repository service completed before the contents under restoration This shift, when in fact equivalent to the next production environment, or a copy of the next production environment. Finally, in the installed directly on the machine when installing 8.6.1 upgrade 8.6.1 to be selected this time the installation is complete, the upgrade is done. Have a look at the original users.

This program proved to be feasible, but also the official recommendation, but the details I still feel a little wrong with it, such as recovery domain information will bring Intergrtion service, Repository service, where I personally feel should not be necessary, can be directly get rid of database connection in the above and some other settings should be on it, because some potential configuration that we do not fully know, but just change the database connection so it must be no problem. Later, I carefully asked why do the upgrade later was told that companies that can guarantee Informatica 8.5.1 full support for Oracle 11G, the first option because 8.5.1 and 8.6.1 of the meta-data is not changed, In fact, I think this place is the people who live here do the upgrade program is not written their own, distorted the meaning of top, in fact, this is the first in the program should be implemented: in the installed 8.6.1 is also restored after the domain ( Because in order to ensure that users can use), but there is a tragic place, infasetup only backup version is the version before contrast, the specific operation I have not had, in the help documentation is written like this.

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