Industry application software in the field of question?

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This is a 2 years ago to write articles, and later a harmonious, now changed a bit, re-release:

Now the area of enterprise application software, very bad living environment, ISV's profit margins are not large, the reason is it? Largely economic monopoly state-owned enterprises, private enterprises caused by small living space.

1, the software company to make money, but also follow the principles 2-8, 20% of large clients and projects 80% of the profit making companies, while 80% of small customers is just a small project to train programmers hands, skills, and accumulated R & D strength.

2, the field of enterprise applications software in addition to several major clients of private giants such as Huawei, Lenovo, the majority are state-owned enterprises, for example: the four major commercial banks in the financial sector; the telecommunications industry, Telecom, Netcom, Mobile; e-government sector national and local levels at all levels of units; aviation's three major airlines; oil field CNOOC, CNPC; iron and steel industry, Baosteel; education industry, national and local levels of education; major state-owned pharmaceutical industry hospitals; there are many, do not list them. Government support for the software industry, in essence, is the procurement of software by government agencies to achieve, which is also considered in this category.

3, big business customers, ISV's not a software research and development by strength, not by the software industry experience, but need to rely on industry contacts.

4, some people took the pulse of the company's major projects, and most of their profits directly points out, sub-contracted out to those who have large and strong software companies, so they are large and strong companies could only make one hardly worth the effort, but can not accumulate capital, can not expand the size of the company.

5, most powerful software company received a network of companies turn outsourcing, because the profit margin is not big enough and will not do it themselves, but continue to turn to the following shrimp outsourcing software company, their only direct cents. Therefore, accumulation of neither technology nor capital accumulation.

6, shrimp company has no money to get the project, and then turn again to outsource soho programmers do their points money.

7, therefore, the software industry in various sizes ISV, the more his company to the following scale, earn more money than large customers, they can only pick up private enterprise software projects list.

8 that most of the IT needs, but no background in private enterprise is now very difficult living conditions, which has the money to purchase a large software projects, only carefully, can be saved, the more low-bid the more heart.

9, a quality software company can not Had to make a call , quotes are not low, the garbage software companies offer low, so grab a good software company's single.

10, waste companies to switch to outsourcing to soho programmers to write code, their own votes, earning a walk away, making money is not sustainable.

Therefore, from the industry point of view, there is no establishment of a healthy, positive environment, most of the ISV are also hungry enough to eat, living condition is very embarrassing.