Image amplification, capture, preview

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jquery, to achieve the image amplification, capture, preview, easy to learn.

  • Image amplification, capture, preview 2010-12-19

    jquery, to achieve the image amplification, capture, preview, easy to learn.

  • Android overlay study two Android camera preview and take picture with V4l2 2010-08-11

    This part of the spec is not full understand the contents, but according to FSL's code to know that one of the sequence, the following code in light of the FSL to describe under the Video overlay process sequence. First of all, tell us about the vide

  • Snagit is best to use the capture software 2011-07-06

    SnagIt Can grab seven types of pictures and text. video and graphics files , Clipboard crawl : Allows custom capture hotkey : Grab a picture can be saved as a BMP 6 Common format, each format also provides more options and to set default options for

  • js preview image 2009-08-26

    IE6, you can easily use the src attribute img achieve local picture preview, however, in IE7, but this approach does not work. Need AlphaImageLoader -- -- Description: Borders in the container object in the object between the background and content o

  • JS to achieve local print and preview 2010-03-29

    JS to achieve local print and preview: The first is: JS to achieve a simple partial print page function preview (oper) ......{ if (oper <10 )......{ bdhtml = window.document.body.innerHTML; / / get the current page html code sprnstr ="<!-- star

  • Big picture in the middle of the screen zoom, and how to capture streaming audio capture headphones 2010-03-29

    protected void zoomTo(float scale, float centerX, float centerY) { if (scale > mMaxZoom) { scale = mMaxZoom; } float oldScale = getScale(); float deltaScale = scale / oldScale; mSuppMatrix.postScale(deltaScale, deltaScale, centerX, centerY); setImage

  • In Java using Jpcap capture network packet [reproduced] 2010-03-29

    In Java using network packet capture Jpcap If you want to capture the network packets in Java programs, then you need some support tools, because the core Java API can not access the underlying network data. But Jpcap is a Windows or UNIX systems pro

  • JMF to capture mouse events and play interface, no picture with sound problems 2010-03-29

    private Component visualComponent; / / Code fragment public void controllerUpdate (ControllerEvent e) ( ..... lse if (e instanceof RealizeCompleteEvent) ( / / Player.getVisualComponent () is a play all the visual components of video media. visualComp

  • javasript to achieve file image preview 2009-08-17

    <cript type="text/javacript"> function changeFile(){ var Outid=document.getElementById('imgout'); Outid.src=document.getElementById('title_picture').value; var Nimg=new Image(); Nimg.src =document.getElementById('title_picture').value; Out

  • Turn: finishing IE 7.8 Preview of local pictures and get local image size 2009-12-17

    This article is not to discuss technical issues, but will be available on the image preview javascript code in order, hope to those who do not know that this knowledge be helpful to a friend Cause of the problem In ie6 we only need to preview a local

  • JavaScript in the event propagation to capture. Happen. Bubble 2010-04-30

    First you need to understand that when an event occurs, the event always has an event source, that triggered the event object, an event can not be a vacuum, and this is the occurrence of the incident. When the incident occurred, this event will begin

  • Print Page Print Preview Page Setup good Dongdong - WebBrowser. ExecWB complete description of 2008-10-19

    Print Page Print Preview Page Setup good Dongdong - WebBrowser. ExecWB complete description of switched: <OBJECT classid = CLSID: 8856F961-340A-11D0-A96B-00C04FD705A2 height = 0 <inp

  • SOSHaiti (Preview) - Game In JavaFX 2008-12-05

    Development of a version of the preview, hope that more developers were concerned about JavaFX technology. browser version: widgetfx Version: Mobile v

  • To achieve client-side printing of jasperrport3.7.0 (multi-page print preview + while printing) 2010-03-24

    jasperreport to achieve client-side preview in the evening there are many examples, but most are based on applet to achieve, although very simple but needed the support of jre to download and install jre, interactive bad. jasperreport3.7.0 to achieve

  • [Tomcat Source Series] Structure of a) overall structure of the preview 2010-03-27

    First, start at the beginning of analysis from the sample, we first use the Tomcat components to assemble a complete WebContainer. 1) prepared the following directory structure directory structure is ready BaseDir (C: / tomcattest /) - Conf - Webapps

  • Use Erlang NIF to snoop, capture packets (in Windows XP) 2010-02-03

    1. Overview In my last blog topic, I realize a network sniffer in Ubuntu, here I rewrite the code in Windows XP, and add a new function to find all network adapter. 2. Developing enviroment - Windows xp - MinGW 5.1.6 - Gcc 3.4.5 - WinPcap 4.1.1 - Erl

  • Can finally capture the elegant elements of the shell heredoc 2010-02-05

    eval 'var=`cat`' <<"+EOF" Finally you can use this method to capture the contents of a heredoc I am so pleased to ! Originally the way : var=`cat << "+EOF2" heredoc content EOF2 ` And not just because of the trouble, and wi

  • Internet Explorer 9 Preview & simple measurement 2010-03-17

    Thank IE9 delivery Local time Tuesday for Microsoft released a preview version of Web Developer IE 9. Microsoft's IE team general manager Dean Huck Mo Abramovich (Dean Hachamovich) said in a statement today, IE 9 and previous IE versions are very dif

  • Flex forward to capture the browser. Back. Refresh. Close event (change) 2010-02-27

    Flex forward to capture the browser, back, refresh, close the case If you do not want users to click your browser's forward, back, refresh, close, etc. misuse, can capture these events actually capture window.onbeforeunload with js only, if you do no

  • Use Erlang NIF to snoop, capture packets (in Windows XP), in OTP-R13B04 2010-02-26

    1. Introduction Http:// last blog post, I am in Erlang/OTP-R13B03, the use of the network packet nif realized grasping function, but due to R13B04 version, NIF form interface, occurred change (see next paragraph summ