ie events with other browsers and other substituted

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  • ie events with other browsers and other substituted
  • In IE, there is no addEventListener method. After the IE5 can attachEvent
  • When using attachEvent, click into the onclick.
  • If there is a way to monitor tag attribute event, there will be no event object is passed to the function of. (Is defined as achieving the first two events the way..) But in IE, no matter what way, IE will pass a window.event.
  • In IE, the target attribute will not get to know which element the event occurred. But we can srcElement to replace it.
  • Said before the, IE does not capture the event, only the event bubble.
  • Not stopPropagation () method, you can set cancelBubble property true.
  • No preventDefault () method, but with returnValue to false to replace it.
  • Remove listener can detachEvent (). To replace the removeEventListener ()
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    Transfer: ie events with other browsers and other substituted In IE, there is no addEventListener method. After the IE5 can attachEvent When using attachEvent, click into the onclick.

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