I / O Completion Port Information

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Communicate with the device in two ways:

Synchronization: When you call ReadFile, the function will wait for the system executing the requested operation, before returning.

Asynchronous: ReadFile returned these functions directly, the system yourself to complete the operation on the device, and then notice to complete the operation in some way.

Overlapped I / O

I / O completion ports provide an effective model for handling multiple threads asynchronous I / O requests in the multi-processor systems.

The difference between synchronous and asynchronous:

Synchronization: After I finish one thing and do it again another matter.

Asynchronous: simultaneously dry and more things.

I / O completion ports = IOCP

IOCP are the way in which an app uses a pool of threads to process asynchronous I / O requests. These threads are kernel threads and their only job in life is to process I / O requests. Applications that process many concurrent asynchronous I / O requests can do more quickly and efficiently by using IOCP than by creating threads at the time of the I / O request. When you create a completion port, you can specify a concurrency value which limits the # threads associated with the port. Typically this number = # processors.

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