HTTP static content, a simple example of interaction

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Written from the original understanding, HTTP session is a set of main sequence of request and response. request is mainly initiated by the client's browser requests the server to return response results. Therefore, we see the final response html page is rendered in the local page.

Our access to a static page of a case:

1. User enters a URL:

At this point the client to the server side to send the equivalent of a GET method request.

2. Server-side http get requests received after this will find the corresponding htm file

3. Server-side generates a http response, speaking as a htm file all the contents of the middle part of the response back to the client.

4. To the client browser after receiving the http response and then parse the results into a htm page to show form.

The detailed process sequence diagram with a similar description as follows:
HTTP static content, a simple example of interaction

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    Written from the original understanding, HTTP session is a set of main sequence of request and response. request is mainly initiated by the client's browser requests the server to return response results. Therefore, we see the final response html pag

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