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html pdf tool to switch from iteye seen, used, and a little mean, first on this computer to be cleared.

  • html pdf tool switch 2011-08-30

    html pdf tool to switch from iteye seen, used, and a little mean, first on this computer to be cleared.

  • flex development of imitation pdf reader (swftools to PDF convert swf) 2010-04-12

    SWFTools is a Flash-swf file used to process a toolkit, including: 1. Merge tool swfcombine 2. Extraction Tool swfextract 3. PDF / JPEG / PNG / AVI / TTF / WAV to SWF conversion tool: pdf2swf, jpeg2swf, png2swf, avi2swf, font2swf, and wav2swf | 4. Te

  • I used the tool set (continuous improvement ...) 2010-10-08

    1, E-mail: gmail (Gmail combination of calendar, documents, chat, contacts, tasks, basically invincible, is a powerful online product), 163 E-mail 2 Mind Map: MindManager, windows and mac version has 3, pdf word to pdf tool: Bullzip PDF printer Viewi

  • Docbook one: the concept of DOM schema xsl xsl-xslt xsl-fo 2010-03-23

    1, XML basic concept note 1, XML xml are Extensible Markup Language is a data storage structure used to store data. 2, XML DTD and XML Schema XML DTD and XML Schema is a XML binding model using the broader language, in fact, to define your XML file c

  • Android in the java .* and javax .* package 2010-07-15

    Following a split, as I wrote in Java for Android uses a lot of java .* and javax .* packages. In the end, how many do, if you are interested can download the source code for Android. Xiaofeng's blog in 2007 to see his article published , he found th

  • View web page word document 2010-07-26

    SWFTools is a Flash-swf file used to process a toolkit, including: 1. Merge tool swfcombine 2. Extraction Tool swfextract 3. PDF / JPEG / PNG / AVI / TTF / WAV to the SWF conversion tools: pdf2swf, jpeg2swf, png2swf, avi2swf, font2swf, and wav2swf |

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    In the system before you reinstall Windows XP in order to avoid loss of important data files, the author of "My Documents" back up files to the D disk, after-hours re-formatting C installed Windows XP, use the original installation is complete,

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    With the increasingly widespread application of Saas and customer experience requirements increase, the document online application and needs more and more widely. Currently online program to achieve mainly two: 1 similar to Baidu's Flash library and

  • [Switch] FreeBSD software management tool ports Detailed 2011-05-13

    [Switch] FreeBSD software management tool ports Detailed A, ports ① installation kit to install ports, I FreeBSD8.0-release is to minimize the installation, so there is no ports, that is useless / usr / ports directory; choose to enable the ports, th

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    In the Java world, want to generate PDF, program a lot. Have recently been dealing with this stuff, so simple to make a summary bar. Prior to this, let's outline what in my mind an ideal solution. In enterprise applications, ran into more and more de

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    ETL (extract, transform and load) product at first glance seem insignificant, one on the technology itself, is almost nothing particularly mysterious about it, but in actual projects, but often spend too much in this part of the human, In the follow-

  • html switch to open source projects pdf 2010-05-08

    One is xhtmlrenderer https: / / / LGPL agreement The other is LGPL agreement Are based on ITEXT of

  • Yahoo! Team practice sharing: Website performance optimization of 34 gold Code (switch) 2008-09-25

    Yahoo!'s Exceptional Performance team to bring best practices to improve the Web performance. They therefore conducted a series of experiments to develop a variety of tools, written a large number of articles and blog and participate in various meeti

  • (Switch) Flex and ActionScript3 open source project. Library 2010-06-19

    The following is a very useful library, when I find them incredibly excited APIs, Libs, Components 1, as3ebaylib 2, as3youtubelib 3, as3flickrlib

  • linux word 转 pdf 上类似百度文库开发研究与实战 2012-12-25

    linux word 转 pdf 下类似百度文库开发研究与实战 缘起 由于项目需要开发了类似百度文库和DOCIN类似的Flash播放器读取上传文档的系统,虽然最终技术问题都得以解决,但开发的过程中走了不少弯路,浪费了不少时间,特别是FlexPaper去掉自带的Logo这一步上,前后花了几天才得以解决,郁闷的有点不想在事后整理这个文档.为了让自己更好的记下解决问题的关键点所在,让同样有此需求的开发人员避免浪费时间,少走一些弯路,打起精神整理本次开发过程的技术研究和技术实现过程. 基于Linux环境

  • Tool set 2009-08-31

    Has been to write a summary of this article, but it is not no time to write is the courage to go on, because afraid of other people throwing rotten eggs. These two days time, and finally summon the courage to write this article to the next! Also hope

  • Chapter VI using the command-line tool with the Android emulator - in the 2010-03-29

    <arg value="install" /> <arg value="${out-package}" /> </ exec> </ target> </ project> Since you have to understand how to manually use the build.xml, Android project to create the command line, you can st

  • java to pdf parsing ----- pdfbox 2010-03-29

    Pdf resolve many of the mature technology, after selection, I finally selected by pdfbox. Once you get the flash upload a pdf, actually saved to the database is pdf, but there will still be a process: the text is converted to text and to extract auth

  • Web form auto-fill tool (can be used for bulk registration email. Account number) 2010-04-19

    Some time ago, doing a voting activity that requires a large number of mailboxes, Taobao account. Most important thing is, I do not care, what account number to the vote. Therefore, the bulk registration is a very want. Batch process, for the authent

  • To deal with xpdf, and pdfbox Chinese PDF document and its comparison 2009-01-09

    In my previous project using pdfbox, in reading Chinese documents can be read out most of the text, but in numbers, paging and other places, or the inevitable garbled. So I searched the internet to see if there is no solution, see saying: "PDFBox loo