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! DOCTYPE HTML document specifies the document type definition followed (DTD), then to define how we should! DOCTYPE do?


The availability of top-level HTML element "Registration / / Organization / / Type Label / / Definition Language" "URL"

Possible values

Top-level element specifies the DTD declared in the top-level element types. This statement corresponds to the SGML document type. HTML default. HTML.

Availability of formal public identifier specified (FPI) is a publicly accessible object or system resources. PUBLIC by default. Publicly accessible object.

SYSTEM system resources, such as a local file or URL.

Designated organization registered by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) registration. + Default. Organization name has been registered. - The organization name is not registered.
Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) are not registered in the ISO organization.

Organization that is responsible for the specified! DOCTYPE declaration references the DTD creation and maintenance of the group or organization's name, that OwnderID. IETF IETF.

W3C W3C.

Open the text type specified class, that is, the type of object referenced. DTD default. DTD. SYSTEM: system resources, such as a local file or URL.

Tag specifies the text description of the public, that is publicly quoted on the unique descriptive name for the text. May attach a version number later. HTML default. HTML.

Specifies the document type definition.
Frameset frameset document.
Strict W3C experts ruled out all hope that the phasing out of the representation of attributes and elements, because the style sheet is already perfected.
Transitional includes all elements except frameSet.

Language designated public text language, which is used to create the object referenced by the natural language coding system. The language definition has been prepared for the ISO 639 language code (two uppercase letters). EN default. English.

URL specifies the location of the object referenced.

Note that this statement must appear in the beginning of the document, appear in the html tag.

! DOCTYPE element does not require a closing tag.

This element in the HTML Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 is available.
You can use this statement in Internet Explorer 6 and later switched to strict standards-compliant mode. If you want to open this switch, please include in your document at the top! DOCTYPE declaration specified in the statement valid tags, in some cases, also need to specify the definition and / or URL.


In standards-compliant mode, can not guarantee that other versions of Internet Explorer compatible. When you open standards-compliant mode, the document rendering and future behavior may be different versions of Internet Explorer. If the content is already fixed (such as burning the CD), you should not use this mode.

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