How to use SQL query IP address is IP Section

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Recently, a friend said he was content to do the registration statistics, there are two tables, one is the user registry, one is the IP section of the table corresponds to the city. Need to register the user's IP query to the corresponding cities, so that the number of people registered in the city.

Actually no, the key is the IP address and IP segment matching.

At first, I use the BETWEEN, the result is clearly not acceptable.

Finally, I think with the function of the form directly to the IP to binary numbers by 256, then between (or "<" AND ">")。

In fact, think of ways to achieve more on the simple. Here to function Tieshang Lai, a friend in need can secretly lazy ^ _ ^

1, the user registry

create table SINO_USER

2, IP address ranges table

create table SINO_IP

Note: This is my simplified two tables, do not think the production database table .....

3, Create Function

create or replace function f_ip2number (ip in varchar2) return varchar2 as
v_ip_1 number;
v_ip_2 number;
v_ip_3 number;
v_ip_4 number;
v_result number;
select to_number (substr (ip, 1, instr (ip ,'.', 1,1) -1)),
to_number (substr (ip, instr (ip ,'.', 1,1) +1, instr (ip ,'.', 1,2)-instr (ip ,'.', 1,1) -1)) ,
to_number (substr (ip, instr (ip ,'.', 1,2) +1, instr (ip ,'.', 1,3)-instr (ip ,'.', 1,2) -1)) ,
to_number (substr (ip, instr (ip ,'.', 1,3) +1, length (ip)-instr (ip ,'.', 1,3))) into v_ip_1, v_ip_2, v_ip_3, v_ip_4
from dual;
v_result: = v_ip_1 * 256 * 256 * 256 + v_ip_2 * 256 * 256 + v_ip_3 * 256 + v_ip_4;
return v_result;

4, the SQL query

select *
from sino_user t, sino_ip t1
where f_ip2number (t.ip) between f_ip2number (t1.ip_begin) and
f_ip2number (t1.ip_end)

1 City 5
2 City 4
3 City 4
4 City 3
5 City 2
6 City 2
7 City 1

I believe we all took note of where the problem lies, and on, and implementation efficiency.


Method One, plus redundant field

In the two tables with redundant field, when the statistical query to query directly from the redundant field;

Method 2, add function index


If you, as I said above, create the index, ORACLE will get an error, and what the specific error I forgot about that function is not ready or something.

This is because the custom function for the construction of ORACLE index is provided.

Back to the function of creation:

create or replace function f_ip2number (ip in varchar2) return varchar2 as

So to create the index can not be used to increase, and needs DETERMINISTIC

create or replace function f_ip2number (ip in varchar2) return varchar2 DETERMINISTIC as

OK, now come back to create an index on OK.

Haha, it is very simple.

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