How to implement SOA in a grid and Web services

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To keep synchronized with the Globus Toolkit's grid for the maintenance of the latest techniques is very important. This article will introduce the Globus Toolkit version 4, in the Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Web services to display the tool package, and details of Grid Resource Allocation Manager component (GRAM), as well as the grid job submission, monitoring and control of Examples of the creation of conditions for support services.

In this article, I will be Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Web services, an overview of Globus Toolkit 4 content. This tool kit focuses on the Grid Resource Allocation Manager (GRAM) component (as well as support services) - This is a set of core services that can help you start the job on a specific resource, check status and obtain the results of actual operation. Through this focused presentation, we will set up a grid job submitted to an example of the steps. Examples of operations starting grid is based on a very basic example of the form, and then gradually to which the introduction of new concepts and features to support more complex operations - the final adoption of Globus GRAM multiple job submission to the scheduler.

But first let's talk about the SOA and grid issues.

SOA and Grid

SOA is a hot issue recently. Although this concept has not new, but it rekindled the vitality of Web services. Web services can be through a carefully defined using a standard protocol interface for remote users access to a program. Advanced services can be built on top of existing services, the application can be connected to a series of Web services to engage in development. Finally, we have a very useful method of reuse. Details

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    To keep synchronized with the Globus Toolkit's grid for the maintenance of the latest techniques is very important. This article will introduce the Globus Toolkit version 4, in the Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Web services to display the t

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