How to change IE to view programming the default open source code editing, such as EditPlus.UltraEdit etc.

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IE's default is to use Notepad to open the page source, but Notepad for label ordering is very poor, looks very unhappy, so we all want to use the UE or EditPlus and other editing tools to view the page source. You can use the following method:

1: Open the registry.

Two: Open the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ MICROSOFT \ INTERNET EXPLORER, under which a new item "VIEW SOURCE EDITOR", another new one in its next term "EDITOR NAME", then hit the right window of the "default" setting the value replacement program path and file name (that is, that to. exe at the end of the file name).

Three: Restart INTERNET EXPLORER, view a page source, the user will find the open procedure has been changed, if your operation is no problem.