How to burn charcoal drawing printing washing

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In addition to burning coal washing is to protect the quality of printing products pull the key. Using the traditional method of washing difficult to cleanse. To this end, the fabric should be taut before washing, so that the weft by the draft, by rubbing, beating or brushes and other mechanical methods to remove part of the pre-adhesion of the polyester on the carbonized cotton fiber. Washing facilities should adopt the results of the spray device with rubbing washing machine. Also avoid washing too long, otherwise easily lead to yarn shifting. Color printing, due to acid slurry containing dyes, disperse dyes in order to prevent contamination of floating color cellulose fibers, so in high-temperature washing (available under the circumstances reducing agent for reduction cleaning) before the first fully washed to remove color pigment printing the paste, and add people to prevent contamination of the cleaning agent to color, and must have charcoal dark brown, black, coke dust all washed, in order to display a transparent clear, smooth contour pattern pattern. After washing drying the best sizing, the slurry by the softening, hardening agent and fluorescent whitening agent composed of cotton.

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