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After the most recent summary, I think a good website to let Baidu included by the quality and content of the site, relying on the search engine-friendly attitude is the most important

Want. Since the December launch Phoenix Nest Baidu, Baidu significant changes in the algorithm, which is also for SEO professionals to explore new knowledge stage. Baidu facing the constant update algorithm

And perfect your new station has been plagued with many owners, that in the end how fast your Baidu do? The following are several ways, only some of my experiences for reference, if less than

The Department is also looking master exhibitions.

I. Principle of Baidu included

Baidu and google your promotional techniques and algorithms similar, specific differences do not separate.

Baidu time for the new station included half a month's time, 15 days is a more normal average time. May need to slow, then a month or two months. Normal new station

google your time is two to three days, speed can be several hours, under normal circumstances can be normal within a week included.

1 is a collection of principles of analysis:

Just do a new station on the Internet, the web site incoming links without any search engine will not be able to know and confirm the existence of this site, so the new station received

Recorded the most fundamental is to have reasonable external links into our site, and sites robots.txt file did not refuse your search engine, search engine spiders can he

Found in external links to crawl into our new station, which included the completion of the site.

Google's your quicker and broader, the new station has been done, the simple information and to complete your external links, but just included a new station is very poor in general position

Because google pr more emphasis on the value of his own high-quality external links there are many reasons, but google for these reasons it will take some time to accumulate all done


Baidu's your domain name as cn and difficult to increase the proliferation of normal circumstances, the new station included more difficult does not mean that the new station can not be included. If the new stand when making special

Increase the optimization level of knowledge, from now on it is not that good, optimize sometimes a gradual adjustment process, the new station and the google optimization over into the sand box as soon as

Into the sand box, requires at least two months or even longer to come out! (Sandbox: Sandbox is the web site contains the normal, observation from the server log also can find search engine spiders

Log in to your site, but no site ranking for all keywords, website keywords ranking basic first 10 found)

2, Baidu your suggestions and methods:

(1) Web site, after uploading the first to submit your site to Baidu.

(2) Website Baidu Favorites collection.

(3) high pr links (two-way or one-way). Ask for site is the latest snapshot, and frequently updated. 2-3 pr value of its Web site, two sites 4-5 can be

To significantly shorten your time!

(3) a reasonable group blog built! Devaluation Baidu Space, Government blog, a blog with high weights, the number of not too much.

(4) Forum personal signature, frequently updated forum community, usually for personal resources. (End of the World Forum, outdated, webmaster stations, etc.)

(5) The business community's personal signature or message content. (HC, Alibaba, etc.)

(6) the link must point the mouse to the hyperlink to be valid! Are keywords describing the best! Attention nofollow attribute.

(7) Baidu know the world is a question and answer (google results were quite good), Yahoo knowledge Tong Deng Jun reasonable to use.

Second, how quickly your new station Baidu

Now the algorithm for Baidu, it is hereby concluded, may be included to Baidu quickly.

First, the website domain name, web domain name and website theme must be consistent, so that you stop using Baidu's credibility assessment. If early if possible to use the 301 is bigger shift pr

4 or more sites in the best!

Second, the website construction is completed promptly to submit your site to Baidu, Baidu submit entrance Also submitted to

Large search engines and directories is also the preferred method.

Third, the site's content, according to my experience, the initial construction site to the search engines do not your copy from the Internet, numerous web pages, personal recommendation to write original articles

Best. Baidu is new love fresh blood! In fact, other search engines too, your original article, the value for the largest search engine! Recommended for original content.

Fourth, the soft-text marketing. This is my site mainly to promote the method. I wrote the article was reprinted in major sites, so only a month now Jianzhan flow close to 10 000, the external links


Fifth, often in the Baidu search your site name and domain, so search for factors related to Baidu's very useful, easy to remember keywords to your station.

Sixth, always to make some major forums and blog articles, and links to state your point, so for Baidu's included, also has great value.

Extra chain and experience some of the methods

1. Create Baidu Space. In general, the creation of Baidu Space General a few days can be included. The new station can create a site related to their own Baidu Space, and then in the space

Add some articles along with their web sites. Meanwhile, Baidu also links space inside with their own web site. Baidu in your space will also link to find your

The new station. With this step, about a week or so can be included Baidu. Of course, if that building space problems can also go to Baidu Space page ( to find

Some recommended space, space in their message and add your link can also be accelerated. Seo principle it is commonly used to increase website external link.

2. Baidu that post Replies . Baidu Baidu search in that part in the weight high, in part Baidu know where you can speed up your post Huitie. Can be used within himself

A model will be set to answer your answer in the answer in the "Source" Service with links to their new station. Baidu to know if you feel very troublesome question and answer easy closure

, Then in some of the latest Baidu know that "unresolved issues" in answer to other people's questions and add their own links. For these new problems are not resolved, Baidu also frequented review


Posted in Baidu Knows Huitie, be very careful. Please note the following, it will make you more with less:

Note that in the "unresolved questions" in response, so as to leave a link.

Find related questions answered, you can use the keyword search, make your answer seem valuable, not to link the problem to find a random scrawl.

Within the page in question to be answered, no other export links: this, after you add an export link to the page only, spiders like to crawl out on the road you have to go.

Looking for a little more than text pages: for example, has already been done a hundred-word answer, and bring you again to add the link, this page will increase your link relevance.

Every time I answer only two questions, each question down 1 or 2 links. I'm afraid too many links within a few minutes left, causing Baidu attention. Of course, this may not worry about me.

If you can not find the right questions, you can register multiple Baidu accounts, question and answer, the page will be higher quality.

Page to be problem-solving, Baidu is not included, you can find a few random questions to be resolved URL, try to search on Baidu years. When you answer the questions is complete, with

Track your page about the situation, if the page contains, the faster your page will. If we happen to Baidu index update, your efficiency will be unusually high.

Repeat the above steps (note appropriate, to hold their own)

3. Baidu Encyclopedia create a new entry. Baidu Baidu search Wikipedia part in the weight of that part is almost like Baidu. You can create a similar theme with the new station of new words, however

After "sources" in writing on the web site and link address. This effect is the same as Baidu to know to answer a similar effect.

4. Baidu collection of the new station. Baidu collection part ( is Baidu's new section, although the weight is not high, and no examples to prove the validity of the included. However, Yangzhou

Collar and Technology Website that Baidu is actually the user's online collection of favorites, the favorites in the user's site Baidu will definitely give the corresponding weight, at least to visit

To find out.

5. Using popular forum:

a popular forum, send theme invitations and night to modify, add link (then owner to rest), Replies the more the better.

b Baidu posts to it, an appropriate amount. (My experience in the morning to send, why - it main sleeping Tony, and then more diligent spider, not to quote it too hot, post sink

Fast. In the latest developments in the post followed by a Replies add a link)

Of course, if you can some good sites with high weights with a new website link, then the effect is quite good.

If you want Baidu frequently update your website, you must be diligent to regularly update your site, increase the original content, attract spiders to crawl your Baidu website. As long as good breeding

Baidu Spider your site eventually will get a good ranking, I have just built a new station under have the opportunity to order the new station, on the excellent SEO

Problem I think was a continuous practice, the stage of exploration.

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