HashMap fully explain the usage of

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  • HashMap fully explain the usage of 2008-05-18

    HashMap usage Web Address: http://blog.csdn.net/E_wsq/archive/2008/04/29/2343181.aspx

  • js examples to explain this usage 2009-10-13

    <html> <head> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=gb2312" /> <title> Untitled document </title> </head> <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript&q

  • ant fully explain the (transfer) 2010-03-19

    In learning struts + spring + hibernate, in particular, Appfuse heavily involved in the process of the use of the ant, so I feel it is necessary to ant to be a more in-depth study, the following is in the learning process to collect material. In more

  • jquery-ui-datepicker explain the usage of 2010-07-22

    1: The first page to introduce the relevant js, pay attention to the introduction of the order can not be wrong jquery-1.4.2.min.js jquery-ui.min.js jquery.ui.datepicker.min.js jquery.ui.datepicker-zh-CN.min.js jquery.ui.datepicker-fr.min.js .... And

  • Oracle Sequences fully explain 2011-05-04

    Oracle Sequences Oracle Sequences Version 10.2 General Dependent Objects seq $ user_sequences all_sequences dba_sequences seq Related System Privileges create sequence create any sequence alter any sequence drop any sequence select any sequence NOTE:

  • JAVA in this usage summary 2010-09-24

    I know many friends like me: in the JAVA program, it seems often to see the "this", use it myself occasionally, but in the end "this" how to use, but loss what to do! Many people think about it, saying the "current object", w

  • Using CSS3 new features implementation (oval) rounded border and photo frame 2010-08-19

    There are a lot of Internet use CSS to achieve the rounded border, but these methods are rather complicated, and now, CSS3 standards to achieve rounded borders, oval picture frame border and corner a simple way. CSS3 border definition of new entrants

  • VIM editor tutorial (reprinted) 2010-09-09

    Title: VIM Tutorial <! - VB Chinese amended Start: Display prestige -> <! - VB Chinese amended end -> <! - / Icon and title -> <! - Message -> Jar on a lot of tutorials on the VI system, but not quite so fat, post, VI and VIM comma

  • How to ensure that the needs of black box testing coverage 51Testing 2010-12-16

    Software testing how to achieve a certain coverage is a very important issue, it is our software testing analysis and test design work on the basis and starting point. In the white-box testing, we can use logic coverage (statement coverage, branch co

  • In the Internet era, how the business is more likely to be successful? 2009-08-16

    The media asked if I could talk about a business matter, I gladly accepted. The reason is I had hit the industry, and now are just a start-up companies where there is a real journey for the business feel. http://www.qyxxpd.com Let us first talk about

  • Such and such, your site more easily found to 2010-03-11

    Composed of a head region Major labels introduced A, title (Title): Page Title Optimization can be said from the beginning. In the search results, the contents of each grab the first line of text displayed is the page Title, the same in the browser o

  • Rails in the table on the procedures associated 2010-02-08

    class CateToCate < ActiveRecord::Base belongs_to :sub_category,:class_name=>"Category", :foreign_key=>"sub_id" belongs_to :parent_category,:class_name=>"Category", :foreign_key =>"parent_id" end Wante

  • Using cURL and libcurl dialogue through Internet 2010-02-28

    cURL is a command line tool that can use many file transfer protocols, including HTTP, FTP, Secure Copy (SCP), Telnet, etc.. However, in addition to the command line dialogue through the Internet and the endpoint, but also you can use libcurl to writ

  • [Change] exquisite collection of SQL statements 2010-05-06

    SQL When the previous statement is written, it is easy to forget some special use , I hereby order a bit SQL statement operation . 1. Based 1. Explain : Create Database CREATE DATABASE database-name 2. Explain : Delete Database drop database dbname 3

  • Game engine evolution 2010-06-28

    Collection of game engine to read a variety of evolutionary history, when we introduced the game often run into the "engine" (Engine) this word, the engine in the game plays exactly what kind of role? It's evolutionary development of the game an

  • Basic use of Eclipse 2010-07-13

    Basic use of Eclipse Eclipse is an open source, free, integrated development tools. Eclipse is the realization of the development of one of the mainstream development tools, skilled use of the tool in the study, and the actual development of the futu

  • [Change] PHP from the PHP code of the GC (garbage collection) mechanism 2010-07-16

    As we all know, PHP engine itself is written using C, C can not help mentioning that GC (garbage collection). We know through the PHP manual, PHP engine will automatically GC action. So we must ask, in the end how it was recovery, & cited the operati

  • Introduction to WAP development and improvement of the basic concepts WML - WML simple example and editing. Test methods 2010-07-30

    Part II: WML basic concepts - WML simple examples and editing, test methods Complete the WAP server and WAP browser, the establishment of the installation, we then can use WAP WML language to write Web pages or applications, and through WAP server an

  • super, and this comparison [Back Qinbo] 2010-08-03

    package test; public class ThisTest ( private int i = 0; / / The first constructor: There is a type parameter int ThisTest (int i) ( this.i = i +1; / / At this point the members of this reference variable that i, rather than function parameters i Sys

  • List of Holidays Learning 2010-08-03

    Struts 2.1.8 01 Introduction struts2 and struts2 development environment set up 02 The first application development struts2 03 tips to solve the problem without struts2 profile 04 Action name of the search order 05 Action of the default configuratio