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Recently, nothing, put the cell phone development platform study guides, tutorial and summarize information to facilitate your reference.
Mobile client software development platform is the biggest difficult not uniform, many mobile phone development platform.
Smart mobile phone can be divided into development and feather phone mobile phone handset. Development platform can be divided into an open platform and closed-end platform, open platform, including symbian, windows mobile, linux, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, j2me, brew, etc. in support of mobile applications through the OTA download and installation; closed platform, which includes the MTK , Spreadtrum, TI, Philips and so on. Introduction separately below.
1. Symbian:
Symbian platform for the current smartphone market leader, smart mobile phone global market accounted for more than 70% in Europe and Asia dominated, but the United States market share in the meager hope that the United States at this year nokia hair, and catch up with other smart mobile phone. According to the different UI styles, Symbian is divided into two s60 and UIQ platform, one of nokia use s60 platform, Sony Ericsson and UIQ platform used moto. Symbian platform because of the development of a long time, but also the market leader, the current English information is also more, unlike a few years ago when Just contact information only in English . It is recommended the following books:
"SYMBIAN OS software development - Application of C + + development of intelligent mobile applications portal" (part one of UI for the UIQ platform),
"Series 60 application development" (to s60 platform mainly focus Recommend)
"Symbian OS C + + mobile application development (vol. 2)"
In addition this year will come out a new book on the uiq3.0, it is worth looking forward to.
Symbian regarding the development of web and forums:
Nokia Forum: the best symbian forum, have one of English Forum.
UIQ official forum:
Symbian company English Forum:
NewLC website:
Sony Ericsson uiq official forum:
Sony Ericsson uiq English Forum

2. windows mobile:
Smart mobile phone windows mobile in the global market accounted for about 12% market share. Development and windows platform is similar to the development of so familiar with windows can be quickly handcuffed. There is no better book for windows mobile, classic book "Windows Programming (5th Edition)" procedures for the development of win32 is still the best, the classic book is Ah Niu ! Although the pocket pc support for MFC, but the smartphone does not support, so in order to better transplant, the development of better use win32. By the foundation to do this book, and then refer to windows mobile as well as the sdk sample code, should be able to quickly handcuffed.
About the development of windows mobile website and forums:
Windows mobile English communities:
Pocket pc forum:
Microsoft's official website:

3. linux:
Intelligent mobile linux mobile phone global market accounted for only 4.4% of the poor market share. Original moto also out a lot of linux cell phone, such as A768, A1200, E680, E2, E6, V8, etc., in August 2007 also pledged 60% prediction using mobile Linux OS, but later moto repurchase shares of UIQ, but also with the Microsoft also joined the google handset open league, it appears to abandon its own platform of linux. In addition, moto's strategy is to linux + j2me mode, although the linux os, but linux does not mean opening up the sdk, the only cooperation between the manufacturers and the moto to get native linux sdk, so linux mobile phone led to the current development of information and forums less . Although there is civil linux expert linux crack the moto of the sdk, can develop procedures for native linux, but native linux procedures can not be directly installed in the moto's cell phone on linux, it is also necessary to install a plug-in, which for ordinary users is difficult across a threshold. Native linux so personally feel that the development of cell phone will go to dead end. Most of the ui mobile linux development are based on the QT, on the QT development, may refer to "C + + GUI Qt3 programming", "proficient in Qt 4 programming", if there is moto official sdk, reference API documentation and some sample code, will be able to fast start, if there is no official sdk, it should be a very long time if the hack. There is no good about linux forum for the development of mobile phone, personal Recommend Gang Chen's blog, there is within the development of moto a1200 essay, for those familiar with and understand the development of mobile phone has a very native linux big help.

4. MTK:
MTK emergence in recent years, nearly 70% of the domestic mobile phone using the chip and platform MTK, black mobile phone is almost synonymous with MTK. Domestic manufacturers did not use only Amoi MTK program. MTK model called the "Turn-key" a comprehensive solution, manufacturers used the program only required to add a mobile phone casing finished - this will greatly reduce shipping time, manufacturers generally only modify the interface, ring tones and to increase the number of application software. MTK platform-related introduction, see Global Entrepreneur magazine's article "China-made mobile phone operator MediaTek secret"
MTK is a private platform, there is no book introduction MTK platform, so only from the Internet search MTK information. The following information from the Internet everyone can access, for MTK helpful to know: "mtk training curriculum. Pdf", "MMI Platform Source Code Training.pdf" mainly introduce MMI interface development, "MMI Resource & Customization Tool.pdf" MMI resources Introduction instrument.
Recently, MTK platform for MMI design FUGUI cow people have written a book about the development of MTK platform MMI examples tutorial, entitled "MMI training tutorial examples" (everyone in this book through Google to download), this book easy and comprehensive introduction of the MTK platform for MMI to develop all aspects of the passage of this book, developers will be able to quickly enter the field of MTK platform development, it is MTK platform for the development of the Bible MMI! MTK platform operating system nucleus, on the introduction of the nucleus has an article online "Nucleus Real Time Operating System Analysis Report." MTK platform mainly used C language development, so be familiar with the MTK development must first be familiar with the C language, MTK of sdk and vc6 integration, MMI's window between the control and implementation of communications through the callback function.
MTK about the development of web and forums:
Research and Development Network, my love: above, several articles and books can be found from this website.
Mobile Phone R & D Forum:

5. Calendar:
Spreadtrum platform also developed rapidly in 2007, using MTK out the second half of PA amplifiers opportunity opportunity get into a lot of market share away MTK. Spreadtrum MTK development patterns and the very similar, the basic is to provide total solution manufacturers, and MTK difference See this link http :// Major are Amoi, Lenovo, etc. Wentai Spreadtrum platform used. Spreadtrum platform embedded operating systems are used threadx, ThreadX about the Chinese book there is a "real-time operating system for embedded multi-threaded calculation: Based on the ThreadX and ARM". MTK platform with the same, as a closed platform, development language is C, development environment for vc6, MMI various controls and window and windows between the message M through the implementation of similar communications. There is also no books introduce Spreadtrum platform, the following information is recommended:
"MMK_Kernel software API interface specification. Doc"
"MMK_Window_Table development specification. Doc"
"Spreadtrum platform for the development of MMI specification window. Pdf"
"Spreadtrum brief introduction mobile platform software. Pdf"
About Spreadtrum developed the website and forums:
Research and Development Network, my love: above articles can be found from this website.
Mobile Phone R & D Forum:

6. J2ME:
J2ME platform for mobile phone on the most widely used open platform, the vast majority of mobile phone have been support the J2ME. Numerous books about J2ME, personal recommend the following books:
"J2me Technical Manual"
"J2ME development Guinness"
"J2ME Mobile Application Development"
J2ME development on the website and forums:
J2ME Development Network:
Chinese Mobile Phone Java Net:
As well as the official mobile phone manufacturers java forum

7. Brew
The full name of Brew are binary runtime environment for wireless. Qualcomm Brew platform is developed, from the wireless application development, device configuration, application distribution and billing and payment of the full end-to-end solution for wireless application development part. At present, the vast majority of CDMA mobile phone support Brew platform. Learn Brew platform, first of all need to be familiar with c language. Learn the steps and methods may refer to "BREW master the road - Analysis of the learning process BREW."
Study Books:
"In-depth development of BREW Mobile Games"
"BREW technology development and applications"
Although these books is not deep enough, but for a beginner or can be our reference.
Brew regarding the development of web and forums:
Brew official forum:

8. IPhone
Windows platform for iPhone development environment set up, see the author of the article Ways "Windows on iPhone platform development environment based on the structures cygwin Ways"

The development of entry-author of the introduction see article "iPhone development platform for mobile portal and the introduction tutorial"

9. Blackberry, Android
BlackBerry BlackBerry mobile phone companies and Google's Android mobile phone java only supports the development of both. BlackBerry Development website and forums:
BlackBerry Developer Guide: official website: / forum-184-1.html
Android Development website and forums:

10. Other Feather phone platform other feather phone platforms, such as TI, Philips, Infineon (Infineon), Freescale (Freescale), Broadcom, Skyworks and other platforms, because of proprietary platforms and do not provide a third party sdk, so there is no relevant information and documents, there is hope that our friends tell us know.

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