Guangdong College of Pharmacy Student Assistant

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And fatkun crazy more than a month's work. May 23, 2009

English full name: Guangdong Pharmaceutical University Student Assistant

English Name: Guangdong College of Pharmacy Student Assistant

Achieve functional

Weather: Real-time forecasts, cost of living index, typhoon path message

Campus News: School News, community dynamics, school club website

Borrower Inquiries: due reminders, library search, collection location

Courses to remind: Course table view, SMS alerts

46 English: achievement queries, Advanced Search

File Search: Ftp search, Http search, content search

Entertainment: Music Education Network (DiggCD), telecommunications network music (1g1g)

Development Environment

Language: Java

Tools: Eclipse, WindowPro, Install4J

Other: Access / SQLite, ASP / PHP

Open-source Java libraries: SWT / Jace, HttpClient, HttpCore, FtpClient, Lucene, JDom, SQLite, Commons-Logging, SQLite / JDBC, HttpParser, JXL / Excel,


This software is open source, but only for learning purposes. Taking into account the possibility of involving other people-related commercial interests, decided not to open some of the features of the source code, so as to avoid causing unnecessary losses.

Project Source:

Windows, screenshot:

Guangdong College of Pharmacy Student Assistant

Linux: The

Guangdong College of Pharmacy Student Assistant